stopping to take a picture. . or two

The summer is racing by.

There is no boredom here at the bungalow. . .

I was pulling weeds yesterday. .

and I realized. . .that the hydrangea's haven't had their annual photo.

I took a few quick pics . .

nothing special. .

just looking for the right colors.

I still have my winter prints up in the dining room. .

It's time for some summer color.

I'll do some more tries this weekend with the purple and greens.

My Sweet Violet china. ..will love the hues.

We were nine last night. . .

and it was fantastic.

All for now. . .


  1. I love hydrangeas. Mine didn't bloom this year. Don't know why!?! thanks for the pics...

  2. Lovely. My hydrangeas that started with these colors are now a very deep purple. How wonderful that all 9 of you could get together!

  3. Hydrangeas would be perfect on your dining room wall! They'd look just fine there...whatever the season. That comes from someone who calls hydrangeas her favorite flower.

  4. I'm trying to figure out who made the guest list!

    The hydrangea pics will be perfect for your summer shots. Pretty and fresh for the bungalow.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I noticed one of my hydrangeas (the one that decided to start blooming again - one is still just producing lots of foliage) had three different colors on it and they all co-ordidnated so beautifully! I thought of taking a picture, but it got left and I think by now the colors are not as good any more.
    I agree - those shots will look great on your wall.

  6. My hydrangeas are in full bloom now too! I just planted them last summer and I'm so pleased that they survived the winter!

  7. So pretty! They don't always do well here, but some people have great success with them. I'll enjoy yours. Of course you all had a wonderful time!

  8. Hydrangeas and family all together...what could be more special! I picture your dining room with those beautiful pictures and your violet china...perfect combination. God's creations always brighten up a room.

  9. blue hydrangeas were the main flower at my wedding. good thing it was held up in washington because they're not so easy to grow down here. gorgeous photos!

  10. Some day I shall plant a hydrangea plant! Till then I will enjoy pictures of them. Thanks for sharing Lovella!

  11. Hydrangeas are among my favorites. I love them, all the colors!

  12. I am beginning to believe that hydrangea is the favorite flower of everyone. There is definitely something magical about their colors.

  13. These are gorgeous pictures..hydrangeas make lovely pictures and quilts...I made a quilt out of the most beautiful hydrangea fabric and it is lovely....

  14. Beautiful photos -- and for the love of nine -- awesome!

  15. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I love hydrangeas. They remind me of my granny. She had them growing beside her house. Thanks for the picture that triggered a good memory ;)

  16. thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of the hydrangeas.
    love the color!


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