viewing the evidence

Study picture number one. . taken last summer . . .

My beloved. .

has always had the natural inclination to keep his vehicles. . .

pretty clean.

I learned long before we were even married. . .

that parking any of his vehicles between two vehicles in a parking lot would possibly cause a dent. . .

which could lead to another possible dent .. . .

and before you would know it. .

lots of dents.

He knows the truck is a material possession and knows it's just a thing... .

but. . .

being careful with his vehicles is built into his genes. . .

and there is nothing he can do about it.

I've become accustomed to driving clean vehicles. . .inside and out. .

without dents.

Take a look at picture number two here.

I went along yesterday to the body shop where the truck was towed.

It had no shoes.

Sadness. . .do you feel it?

It's not that bad. . .but it is annoying enough to make us go home and eat pasta.

Pasta helps everything. . .in case you missed the post on Kanneloni Macaroni. . .

(yes. . .that's right. . I figured out a way to mention her again today). . .

Our local detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. . .

did try to lift some prints. . .

but said that there was a bunch of rubber gloves found near the truck.

When the call display came up. . . Royal Canadian M . . .I was excited. .

thinking it was the Royal Canadian Mint. .

I thought perhaps they wanted to make a commemorative coin. . .having no doubt read my recent post on Kanneloni Macaroni. . .

but no. . .it was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. .

I offered them the cigarette butt I had found. . .near the crime scene. ...

I'm sure I heard him laugh. . .

Anyways. . .

The alleged ... thieves had taken the time to cause further annoyance.

The child seat was thrown in the bushes. .

All the contents of the glove compartment. . . missing.

But. . .oddly. .they left our selection of music behind.

Ah .. .it's just a truck. . .

I can think of hundreds of things that would be terrible. . .

and this doesn't even make the list.

OH fantastic news. . . It's a grandgirlie day today. . .the big grandgirlie. .

Oh joy. .

I have some butter out on the counter. .

We've been learning how to bake chocolate chip cookies.


  1. The truck does look a bit sad and lost, but I'm sure that upon its return home, it will be bathed and clothed and shod and fed...much like the Prodigal Son.

    Thankfully, the only injury was to the truck - and possibly to Terry's spirit - and no lives were harmed or lost in this misadventure.

    I'll be away for a few days...sharing hugs with a wee one. Have a great week and enjoy your Grammie day!

  2. Well, that would make a grown man cry! and then it could have been much worse. They could have really trashed it beyond repair...
    Hugs and kisses to that grand baby girl. I got to hold a wee one last night and she just smelled so good and cooing and happy, just like I like 'um :)

  3. I'm sure Terri would have given them the wheels. A truck is a man's pride and joy after his wife...
    But why, it's so senseless.

  4. Oh dear poor shoeless truck. That is a cause for pasta and some other food starting with p like Pie, or pastries or potatoes. Have fun with grandgirlie!

  5. I laughed as you described how Terry cares for his vehicles....I know Bob and Terry could be BFF. LOL I love a man that takes cleaning his car as seriously as a woman takes to cleaning her home....I think it's just good stewardship.

    Sorry to see the sad state of the truck...just senseless and REALLY annoying.

    But on to what really matters....congrats on the newest g-babe!

    God is good.

    All the time.

  6. Nibbling on KM probably helped a lot. What is it about baby fingers and toes that brings out the urge to nibble lightly? Of course you can only do that with babies that are closely related to you. Imagine how hungry I am for a nibble or two.

    Oh...wait...did you mean you went home and actually ate a bowl of pasta? Why would that help anything at all when you could be nibbling baby toes?

  7. The truck looks like a project about to happen. Lovella, honestly, I'm glad that you are taking it in stride. Since I'm not happy about it at all, I'll do your kvetching for ya. Scamps...hope that they're caught. And there's got to be the sense that your private space was violated just the way one feels if a home is robbed. So do get Terry to give it a good scrubbing and perhaps you'll even help him by giving him an extra big chocolate chip cookie and the big grandgirlie can give him an extra big hug.

  8. I know all about those kind of genes . . . my H would agree that good stewartship is a good way of putting it. I'm so glad you got the truck back, but still. . .
    a violation of your personal space and very frustrating.

  9. Oh poor truck and poor Terri!

    Hope that a kiss from a grandgirlie and fresh chocolate chippers takes a bit of the sting away.

  10. Sigh. My sympathies!
    Hopefully they catch those bad guys. Poor Terry.

  11. Hope the burglars get a flat tire and wreck their vehicle. Oh I guess they will just sell them. Such meanness out there. Gotta laugh about
    it or go mad.

  12. When our garage was broken into and The Professor's bike stolen, the police wouldn't even bother to take the beer can that the thief left behind to check it for prints. But that was LA for you...

    I hope your trust in neighbors isn't completely gone.

  13. I don't know why I feel a certain sadness down inside when I look at the before and after pictures of that nice truck. I know it is not a life and death matter, but it truly does make me sad that someone would do that. It feels like the violation that it was. My husband keeps his vehicles like that so maybe I think of him being in the situation you are finding yourself in right now. As for your new little princess...she must add joy to everything.

  14. I could identify with this post on many levels! Our pick-up truck went missing one summer a few years back...and our camping trip never happened. It came back...much worse for the wear...about a month later.

    Oh yes...and we have a thing about parking in the end spots as well. It only makes sense.

    May your truck be home soon...and almost as good as new!


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