Roof. . .or Roof. . as in book

This post. . .has been phonetically enhanced for my American friends in honour of their celebration tomorrow. . .Happy 4th of July. .ya all.
I found the claim below in our phone book.
"not only do we pride ourselves in providing quality workmanship, we also take the extra time and effort to ensure that your home is kept safe, clean and organized during your home improvement project"

Call the Roofing Expert Pat Peters

Last winter. . .
(see the top left hand corner of the collage below for the very cold minus 15 with northeastern winds picture. . )
I know it doesn't look cold. .
but when the northeastern starts to blow in our part of Canada. ..
we shiver.

You know you've been farming 15 years. . .
when the roofing . .or roofing. .as in booking .. .
that was freshly nailed up to stop the rain from entering the kitchen . .
starts to end up in the neighbors field.

A month or so ago ..
my beloved. . began to call up roofers
. . or roofers as in bookers. .
for quotes.

We decided to do the sensible thing. .
and go with the company that had the slogan. .
roof experts. . or roof as in book. . experts.

Anyways. .

He said he would come in July.
Fine. .
June 30 we were still tucked in bed ..
when we heard a bit of commotion on the roof. .
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.

My beloved said. . ."it's the roof expert".
They got straight to work.. . .
stripped the old roofing .. or roofing as in booking ..
and nailed up some fresh sheets of plywood over the . . .
ship lap. .that prided itself in curves.

Today .. .

they finished.
Our 60's bungalow. . .with a new roof. .or roof as in book.
They swept. . .packed away the bits of garbage. . .
used a magnet sweeper to find every last nail. . .and they were gone.

And on top of all that. .
They came on Canada Day. . .
stood at attention while we hoisted the new flag . . .
and politely accepted a Canada Day Scone.
It's just the two of us again. .
All for now. .


  1. So glad you had a great experience with your roofers (I pronounce it like "rooters" - rooooo-fers). The last time we hired roofers (through a very reputable Big Orange Box retailer), we ended up with a broken septic tank cover, a broken garage door, a rip in the eave, and the circuit breaker was tripped countless times...while I was at work...they called me repeatedly to come home and reset the breaker (I finally called their boss and he brought them a noisy gasoline-powered nail gun).

    Your new roof looks great and ready to get you securely through many cold Canadian winds!

  2. Looks like they did a wonderful job AND cleaned up after themselves. When we had ours done, I was cleaning nails up out of the grass forever. Not good on the mower!

  3. You are set for more of those cold Canadian winds. Sounds like a company we would call on to do work...efficient, dependable and coming before they said they would. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend together.

  4. Aha - so they were your "company" on Canada Day :)

    When we had ours done last year, I was finding bits of shingle in my flower bed for the rest of the summer - but the roof looked good.

  5. I'm sure you are glad that is behind you...with no mess...and a roof ready to withstand many winters to come. It's somehow hard to think about winter right now!

  6. Wow I hope you didn't have to pay them holiday pay :0)
    How nice that they got it all done so quickly. We are very close to needing a new roof here in Washington but I threw a wrench in it when I said "maybe we should change the roof line before we put a new roof on" Have a nice weekend Lovella!

  7. I'd have shared special scones with such efficient and tidy roofers too.
    Doesn't it feel good to have a new roof over your head? You're ready now for every summer storm, fall squall or winter blizzard.

  8. Yay for a new roof! My darling put the new roof on here. That's back when I was paying him for his work. Ha! It looks great and next winter when the cold wind blows, you won't have to worry.

  9. Hi! I know,I am procrastinating from other stuff. But just had to say, "Glad your new roof came on a dry day!" Enjoy1

  10. It's these noises that wake us in the early morning.
    You have accomplished a big job!
    That's on our list of things to do.
    We had the same wind, the same damage, and as you know we mended it and is put off for a bit.
    I asked my roofer friend on Canada Day? And he just does our cheque book.
    Job accomplished and you fill feel forever happy about staying dry.

  11. Mumbling to myself...rook? how can you make roof pronounced like book?

    Maybe it is just too early in the morning to try to learn a new language.

    I did sit up and gasp at the idea that they magnetically swept for nails. Whooo...our carpet guys needed to do the same thing...and didn't. Five months later and many vacuuming and we are still finding carpet tacks here and there.

  12. It's a great feeling having a new roof...or roof as in book....isn't it! We had this done a few years ago; that's how I know.

    I think I say that word both ways, depending on where it lands in a sentence....roof as in goof, or roof as in book!

  13. That's a good feeling when that job is done! You were so kind as to offer them a snack.

  14. Oh how I laughed my way thru this post because with my family being bi-national, we do have lots of fun with how we pronounce words or what words we even use.

    And thanks for stopping by on my blog to say Happy Birthday! Glad you put two and two together and ended up with four! I am also Jody's Mother, as in Bea's good friend Jody. ;-) And yes, most definitely Anneliese's walking friend...

  15. Hee it! saluting the flag eh?! true Canadian spirit handing out the scones! Wonderful.

  16. looks like you did a realy great job!.. nothing better than job satisfaction!.

    well done from yauncle Terry!

  17. I don't know how I missed this blog. I loved it. We had the roof-rrooff-done on our house not long ago. Bad hail in this neck of the woods sometimes. After a bad storm like ours you see new roofs, or what evers, all over the neighborhood. Yep we had shingles in the shrubs for a long time. Blessings

  18. I'm glad you phonetically enhanced this post! My husband still laughs at the way I say "roof". After all these years, you'd think I'd figure it out (according to him!). LOL!


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