Rambo goes home

Our foster dog days are over. . .forever.

We all fell in love with this crazy little pup. . and now he's gone home.

It all started July 1st.

He arrived at the farm very dirty. . .rather thin. . . and terribly hungry.

He wouldn't leave Terry's side. . .and was as good as gold.

We put up notices at the community mailboxes. .

checked the classifieds for lost pups. . .


called the animal shelter to enquire if someone was missing their pup.

They would not tell us. . saying that we needed to bring the pup to them.

We found their attitude rather unkind. . and a bit bossy.

We have paid the bail fees for wandering dogs before. . .it's not fun.

We thought that if someone driving by would see "their" dog. . they'd stop and tell us so.

We had removed the tied on bit of collar that would be our "test" of authentic ownership.

So. . .

yesterday ( 26 days later) we heard that someone had in fact been looking for their dog.

Today. . .after giving little Otis one last delicious farm fresh egg breakfast. . .

and a full tummy of premium dog food. . .

my beloved set off to go knock on their door.

He took along our phone number and address suspecting that there may be a language barrier.

There was.

Minutes later. . the call came. . the dog was wanted.

I'll say.

The man came. . .and Otis went in the van. . .I wanted to send a doggy bag . .just the essentials. .

farm fresh eggs for shiny coat. . .extra dewormer.... and some extra flea medicine.

Today I'll return the new bag of premium dog food.

We called him Little Otis. . .

Rambo he was.

All for now. .


  1. Such a bittersweet little tail...er, tale. He's a beautiful pup and I know his family is happy to have him home, but he looked like he made a great fit in your little family.

  2. How very kind of you to take such good care of Rambo. If I got lost I'd want to end up on your doorstep...

  3. What a great set of foster parents you were! I know that it made a difference and probably on a number of levels that you may not even be aware. God bless you for your kindness to Otis/Rambo. Are you now looking for a pup?

  4. I have a cute little kitty here to fill in the lonesome gap. I don't know how I could get him across the country but . . . :)

    I think you need to go get a pup - don't you?

  5. Ah...did Rambo really want to leave? Don't be surprised if you become his new vacation destination!

  6. Too funny - Judy said just what I was thinking!
    I hope Otis is truly happy to be reunited with the owners. If not, don't be surprised to hear the thump of a tail on your doorstep.

  7. Did you offer to buy him from the owners? Considered giving him a dye job...colored contact lenses?

    I wish the story had a different ending. Is there a German Shepard Rescue organization up there like there is here?

    Well, maybe it is for the best for now. Perhaps the Lil' Farm Hand will soon have a puppy to join the fun at Cousin Camp.

  8. Aw, Lovella, you have even a non-dog lover's heart of sympathy here. Symptathy for him and you.
    Reminds me of Annie - did the ownners produce the right evidence?
    My verification word is dailamme - or is it dilemma?

  9. Happy and sad at the same time...but I'm sure Little Otis/Rambo really appreciated all the loving care he received at your place.

  10. Oh rats! Sorry for you guys, I know he had already found his place there on the farm. hope he will be well loved and cared for....back at home. Kathy

  11. Well I admire your passionate heart for a stray dog. I usually shoo them off the yard. I'm sure those little grandbabies would love a wonderful golden retriever....We loved our retriever and he loved kids.

  12. I bet he hated to leave your place. Sure hope he gets treated right with his owner. That would be so unjust.
    That was a fine thing you all did.

  13. Aw, what a sweet thing you guys did to take care of him. I suppose he had a special place in your hearts by the end of it. Perhaps you'll get a new puppy sometime in the future?

  14. When they win even a bit of your heart, it is so difficult to see them leave. You certainly went over and above the call of duty. This story made me feel somewhat sad inside.


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