ornamental cherry jam

Our ornamental cherry tree has taken leave of it's lot in life.

It considers beauty to be nothing more than vanity.

Several years ago. . .

we noted it was losing it's joy in flowering. . .

and had the odd cherry instead.

We dug it out. . .and planted it at the back of the property by the big ditch.

This year. . .

it blossomed. ..not like it's mates down the driveway ..

but alone in the back. . .

it fancied itself a fruit tree.

On Sunday afternoon. . .

we went to the way back. . by the big ditch.

He climbed the ladder. .

and I stood on the ground.

He picked his ice cream pail full from the ladder.

I picked my ice cream pail full from the ground.

We spent the next several hours. . .

tediously pitting the blueberry sized cherries.

The ornamental cherry jam against the white cream cheese. . .

is where it really shines.

Everyone can look good for pictures. . .

but this ornamental cherry tree. . . .

wants to leave an impression that will last all winter.

It's funny the things I think about while pitting a pail full of blueberry sized cherries.

Today .. .I'm making a cherry ripple cheesecake.

It's my beloved's birthday .

There will be another wee one around the table this year. . .

and now we are nine.

To think we started out two.

I am so thankful for this man. . .and I love him so!

All for now. . .


  1. What a kind, heartfelt tribute to this man. It blessed my heart to read it, and the ornamental cherry jam was fascinating too. Never tasted that fruit jam, but I know if you made it, the taste would be delicious. Hope you have a fun day together.

  2. Oh my, such a lot of work! but spending time with the one you love makes the work so much easier!

  3. Happy birthday to your favorite cherry-pickin' guy! What a great birthday cake/pie. Have a wonderful family time around the table tonight.

    I'm thinking I need to find some pie cherries before the season is over...you reminded me.

  4. Happy birthday to your cherry-picking, merc-restoring guy. You are blessed, Lovella!

  5. Happy Birthday to your guy! What fun to add places around your table :0)

  6. They say a good wife is worth more than rubies...I'd say your good husband, born in July, is a real gem too...just like his ruby birthstone.

    May his tribe increase (as it has!) and may his life continue to be blessed.

  7. You can pull the most interesting and apparently unrelated things together and create such a post, Lovella. I loved it!

    And happy birthday to your beloved and a fine celebration around the table.

  8. Happy Birthday to another guy born in July! I never thought of the birthstone in the way that was mentioned, but it's true for yours and mine and probably a few more.
    I wish you a wonderful time around a table of nine today! I sometimes wonder what I would have thought if I could have seen a picture of the future. If someone had shown you today's photo (that you will probaly take) when you got engaged ....

  9. Happy birthday to your beloved!

  10. Do you need to be concerned about the cherries being poisonous. I have picked from an ornamental tree boiled everything pit stem fruit and strained. I have the most beautiful juice ready to make jelly but am concerned about the safety of it. Any thoughts??? Thanks

  11. Kelly,
    It never occurred to me that these cherries were not edible. I really don't know. It might be best to go to your local garden center and ask an expert.


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