new curtains

Trailers come with their own typical signature style.
We made a few changes. . .and we like it better.

I looked for fabric that would not be floral ..
nor too busy ..
nor completely plain.
I didn't want it to be beige...
nor taupe...

it needed something with a bit of texture...
and just the right tone.
That may sound like a simple task...

but it proved to be tricky.
In the top picture. .

you can just barely see the pale beige bedroom curtain..
that I used as a template for the darker new checked curtain.

Can you see what is added .. . and subtracted?

We removed the wall paper border.

With patterned cushions on the dinette and couch...

I was happy to have the walls a bit less busy.

The bed at the back of the trailer...

for visitors...

had no privacy...

so I made a curtain out of the same checked fabric.

Every trailer. . that has a few spaces left for extra shoes in the shoe bag...

and a bed or two for visitors...

needs a bit of privacy . .

don't you think?

There are some empty coat hooks by the door ...

I'll have to make a vacancy sign . .

that I can hang from the door knob.

How fun would that be?


  1. Such warm and welcoming little changes and additions. You are a very thoughtful and considerate homemaker and hostess!

  2. That looks like it is coming along good. Nice to be able to do your own sewing.

  3. How did you remove the border...I am scared to do it in case I damage the wallpaper behind it! Please let me know.

    Right before you go into the master bedroom...hee the right of the sink we put a black shoe wooden organizer from target there. It was made to go horizontal but I turned it upright and vertical. It holds shoes, flashlights, dog leashes right when you come in the door.

    On top of it, I put my silverware basket ready to grab & go outside.

    I love your new touches to the camper..great job!

  4. You must be just about ready for another camping trip, with all those adjustments. Imagine having a guest room in a trailer......what fun!

  5. You're creating a wonderful nook there, Lovella.

    (I've had my eye on a wee little trailer where one can sit on the bed, eat at the table and cook at the stove all at the same time. I don't imagine that I'd like it much if I really had it, though. It's just a pipe dream I'm having.)

  6. You are so brave. Will the people actually put their shoes in there?
    And actually hang up their jackets?
    It seems like when we go camping, stuff is all over the place, because there are no familiar spots.
    I need to rethink camping?
    I'm not so sure about the guest room..maybe for those little ones or maybe to put all the stuff in the space...

  7. Your 'home away from home' is looking better all the time! You may want to keep your destination a bit of a secret...because I'm thinking the guests are already packing their bags.

  8. What a great idea that curtain is! Very nice updates :0)

  9. Love the curtain for the guest bed...and that great curved rail you installed for it too. Excellent!

  10. Neato changes Lovella!

    Maybe you could make a little sign that says "Do Not Disturb" on one side, and "Please Make Up The Room" on the other, like hotels have to signal the maid as to what is needed.

    By the way...where does the maid sleep in the trailer?

  11. I like how you can make these changes - something I never thought of when we were renting - oh I think once we may have put in a new floor. =)
    You home on wheels looks very inviting! Loved the little tour, because I always loved playhouses too.

  12. Touch of Country. . the wall paper border was just mac tac on ours. . .we just heated it a wee bit with a hairdryer and then gently pulled it off. The wall behind is not wall paper it is more like a finished panelling.

  13. Lovella..I love your changes to the trailer, it's such fun to redecorate..almost like 'playing house'.

  14. Perfect updates! and besides it is always nice to put your own touch on a place. It looks very comfortable :)

  15. Your touches to this place add so much! I like the vacancy sign. I am sure your friends love to join you on your camping excursions.

  16. Good job on all the little details! What fun to have a trailer.


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