Remember Moose?

I saw these little Canadian wildlife animal cookie cutters at the store the other day. .

and wondered..

if he would recognize Moose. .

After a hard day fun play. . at work. .

it seemed fitting to whip up a batch of sugar beasts during the cousin camp naps.

Everyone has coffee break after naps.
I calculate what time napping will cease. .
and nearing its end. . . I put the pot of coffee on ..
call Dampa in from the shop. .
and line up high chairs. . .
coffee mugs. .
and. .
milch. . or mulk. . depending on which one is speaking English .. or German.

and we all sit down . . .
to coffee break. .
every day.
We are building memory .. upon memory.
Making memories are not single events. .
but routines.
I remember very clearly. . my grandpa offering me a chocolate rosebud. .
every time I visited.
I still can see his kind eyes. . .smiling. .
and the way he held it. .
between his thumb and forefinger.
One rosebud ..
and I remember.
All for now. .


  1. rituals become loving memories, and a cookie that is so loving baked is even better. you are such a "liebe oma" lovella, even though they may not call you oma, it is the word that endears in my heart of the memories of my oma that you have stirred within me.
    very cute cookies by the way....did he know it was a moose?

  2. Every grammie memory that you share is interesting. You sure must be a fun grandma! You are right about building one memory at a time with these precious little ones. Coffee, warm cookies from the oven and enjoying the grandchildren...what could bring more happiness!

  3. Perhaps you should bake up a batch of moose cookies and send them to Jill. She keeps missing out on the moose-sightings around her home!

    These little rituals and memories will stay with the children when they're grown and they'll remember how much their Grammie and Dampa love them.

  4. Life is good...for those grands of yours! What could beat waking up from a nap to a 'tea party' with grammie and dampa...which includes cookies fresh from the oven?

    Did he see the resemblance to Moose?

  5. There's only one word....Cuter than a button...I love the word Dampa!!!
    Happy to John Deere making it's appearances.

  6. And did the grand know the moose? Like the moose? That is a great cookie cutter set!

  7. Grandpa treats and memories: extra special and seem to often involve chocolate. Ich lieber dich, the only German phase my German speaking grandfather taught me, and he'd slip a bit of chocolate to me too.

    Lil Farmer needs to get a farmer's tan....he's way too white to dignify his title!

    I love the cookie cutters, but wondered about the beaver...didn't see one in the mix. That just would not be right in so many ways. GO BEAVERS!

  8. Great memories that you are building with your g' precious!
    I'm sure the lil farmhand recognized the moose. Those cookies must have been a hit.

  9. So sweet. Love the building memories routine!!

  10. You brought tears to my eays for some reason. Wonderful routines ... love the pics of the little hard worker.

  11. Oh happy memories! they are the 'treats' of life!
    Even my daughter remembers your/my Grandpa by the candy he was soo happy to offer!

  12. I love the stories of the grands. My most pleasant memories of my grandfathers were things we did together on the farm. Milking the cow. Riding the mule for plowing and helping my grandmother make butter and cottage cheese. I can almost smell the cellar now. That is my favorite part of blogging, having my memory stirred by everyone's stories.

  13. Now that is a good line -- making memories is not a one-time event but a routine. I hope my kids have lots of memories in years to come....

    The cookies are adorable!!! i love cut out cookies.

  14. What delightful cookie cutters! You are a wonderful grammie.

  15. so much fun. Kathy


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