Miss Kanneloni Macaroni

It's amazing what happens overnight. . .

If you think this is a surprise for you . .you are not alone.

The lil' farm hand had a bit of a surprise the morning after his sleepover at Grammie and Dampa's house too.

Naturally very agreeable in the morning. . .

we asked him if he wanted to go see Mommy and Daddy and baby sister. . .

He said .. "uh huh"

So. . .off we went to have a look.

He loved the little lass straight away.

Then he wanted a cookie.

She weighed in at seven pounds. . .fourteen ounces.

Our son Terrence is such a blessed man.

He has a beautiful . ..loving wife who happens to be a wonderful mother. .

a strapping young lad. .

and a now a wee little lass.

The Christian name on her birth certificate will start with the letters K and M.. . .

and for months we've played a guessing game....

wondering what those initals stood for.

Dampa. . came up with Kanneloni. . .(knowing it's usually spelled with a C) . . and Macaroni.

He loves his pasta. . .and in our house. . . the name stuck. .

so that is how you will know we're speaking of the lil' farmhands baby sister.

Sing with me. . ."and they call her Kanneloni. . .Kanneloni. .Macaroni. . . "

Tonight the bungalow is quiet once again. . .which is fine. . .they'll be back. . .

for now. . .we're just the two of us. . again.

It's been a very good day!

Praising God!

All for now..


  1. What a perfect day! Thank you for sharing it with us in such a sweet way! My grandson is due within the month and we have not been told his name, not even initials. We refer to him as "Rocko!"

  2. Kannelini Macaroni ... she will grow up thinking the name Dampa calls her is as beautiful as the love she receives in Dampa and Grammie's house!
    Congratulations to all !! You are blessed !

  3. welcom miss kanneloni macaroni.......i love that name ;^D.
    your lil farm hand looks so big now doesn't he? I remeber when I saw our oldest after our second was born that she had this huge head and when did that happen?
    Congratulations to the happy family. Isn't having a boy and a girl called the million dollar family? Well it is worth more than a million dollars to have healthy children regardless of the sex. Rejoicing with you.

  4. congrats to all! Any name given in love is received as a gift, hopefully KM will love her pasta origin. Katherine Marie? Katie Mae? Kelly Macaroni? Oh, just trying to figure it out.... Baby girls can melt a grown man's heart! Dampa and KM will be a wonderful combo, grandma's too..... She will be able to keep up with that brother of hers in no time.

  5. A July baby - a lifetime of sunshine on her birthday!
    Congratulations to you and yours. Your family is growing and cousin camp will soon be a rollicking affair. You are indeed blessed.

  6. The finishing touches look absolutely beautiful Lovella.
    I love her name and there will be laughter and smiles every time someone says that wonderful name.
    God is so good.

  7. Oh congratulations!! What a sweet little blessing. I'm sure you'll enjoy your little Kanneloni!

  8. How wonderful!! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! I love it - Miss Kanneloni Macaroni! What a beautiful blessing!

  9. Welcome to Miss Kanneloni Macaroni...a name to smile about. Blessings to you all!

    You managed to put the finishing round on the blanket in a big hurry! Sweet pic's.

  10. What exciting news!! Congratulations to all of you <3

  11. What cute little feet! Kanneloni Macaroni..she will giggle at her nickname. Love the 'pink edged' blanket.
    Praising God with you on her safe arrival!

  12. pink!! how lovely. congrats :)

  13. A beautiful family! It is good to see good tribes increase. Such a happy summer event to be celebrated each year.

  14. Congratulations to all of you.
    How very exciting & praise-worthy!
    KM is a blessed little girl, having been born into your loving family. Isn't grandparenthood the absolute BEST?!?

  15. Oh my!!!! i am SO excited for all of you!!! how did I miss that this was in the works???? Maybe it was meant to be a surprise for us. :) How exciting to have another grandbaby. I'm just so happy for you!!!

  16. Congratulations! Another precious miracle from God - to have and to hold. So happy for you and the family.

  17. Congratulations! Kanneloni macaroni seems to be the perfect name :) The pic of her feet....precious!

  18. Umm...I seem to remember give aways to celebrate the first two grands. What's up for grabs with this one?

    A gourmet jar of pasta sauce perhaps?

    Just wondering....

  19. OH Jill!!!!! You should have a job just posting comments that make me smile.

  20. New life! Congratulations.

  21. Congratulations to all of you and yours! Ms. K Macaroni is adorable!

  22. Congratulations to you and yours, Lovella! I had no idea you were anticipating a new little person's arrival. What wonderful news! Welcome to the world, Kanneloni Macaroni!! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for her safe arrival!

    Love, Kama

  23. Oh how wonderful! What a blessing for your family. The Li'l Farmhand and his sister are adorable.

  24. So fun..and worth a great chuckle! Congratulations to you both, as well as the little family. Love the baby's stage name...

  25. Yeah, for a healthy addition to your family. I wish that I could be able to hold the new little one and give hugs to Bea for a job well done. Please pass on greetings and hugs to them. I love the little glimpses of their little ones that I get to see on your blog. I am so happy for you all.

  26. Congratulations, Lovella & Terry!! What a blessing. Enjoy the new little addition :)

  27. Baby feet always, always get to me! C

  28. Is she just the sweetest little girl?

    Congratulations, Grammie.

    Our love expands with each addition to the family.

  29. Congratulations!!
    What a beautiful addition to your wonderful family!!

  30. I go away for a few days and all kinds of exciting things happen in blogland. Congratulations to you my friend! How wonderful for you! A new little sweetheart to love and cherish!!

  31. Pure sweetness! Congratulations on #3 --- such a precious little bundle and a wonderful phase of life for you and Terry. Blessings to you!


  32. We heard the wonderful news of this little ones arrival while on holidays. no internet services where we were, but was I ever happy to come home to pictures! delighted for you all! I think she just may also become Pasta Princess...if she likes it as much as her grandpa does. I know you will enjoy this newest blessing from above. Can't wait to meet her. Kathy


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