It's July 1st, 2009

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians.
Since I'm writing this the evening before. . .
scheduling it to be published at 4:00 AM PST (for my eastern friends).. .
I am showing you the flag that will be put up on Canada Day tomororw. .or today for you. .
This last years flag has seen storms. . .
rain. . hail. . wind. . .and two trimmings and mendings.
Every now and then. . .I find it on my sewing machine. . .
waiting for a bit of a wash and trimming of the fringe.
It's always nice to get the flag flying at regulation size once more.
Do you all remember what the proper etiquette is for disposal of our flag?
Well. . .it's not happening this year.
We've decided to wash it and put it away for the worst of the winter. . .
and call it up for some hard service. . .
and then we'll do the proper disposal after that.

This is something else that I've pulled out of archives.
I'm making up a batch of scone dough tonight. . .
and in the morning. .
I'll go pick some fresh raspberries. .
and bake up some Canada Day Raspberry Scones for our breakfast.

The flowers are properly ready to celebrate. .
I have to admit. ..when I selected flowers this year. .
I thought about today's post.

The "ornamental" Japanese flowering Cherry tree that was yanked from it's position in the front yard when it decided it wasn't going to just be an ornament anymore. . .is ready.
Ah .. .it's all good.
After the eggs are gathered. . .
we'll settle under our Arabian tent and watch the goings on at the farm.
(do come back to hear about that)
Later. . .we'll get out the farm truck ..
and mosey over to a good old fashioned wiener roast.
I'd say. ..that'll be about as perfect of a Canada Day as I'd ever want.
God . .keep our land. . .
glorious. . and free. . .
OH. . .Canada .. ..
All for now. . .


  1. Happy Canada Day, Lovella, to you and yours and to Canadians everywhere.

    Enjoy your day today (and those scones...yum)!

  2. Happy Canada Day! i saw that on the calendar a few days ago and knew you would have a special post. Hope you all have a wonderful day! It looks and sounds like you will.

    Now i know how you get up so early ;)

  3. Happy Canada Day to you! Enjoy every splendid moment...loved seeing your pictures and now I want one of those yummy-looking scones.

  4. Enjoy your Canada Day festivities!

    It's breakfast time over here...and there are no scones in the oven...but I wish there were! We will settle for raspberries and yogurt.

  5. Happy Canada Day to you! Sounds like a fun day planned...

  6. What you have disposed of it?
    We have a Flag Shop right close to my house.
    Maybe you need to drive by later and see what all the ruckus has been at our home....
    Our very first Canada Flag will be hoisted today....!

    What is an Arabian tent?
    We have trees and wind, but why do you sit in a tent?

    I'm smelling something....Scones?

  7. Happy Canada sounds like you have a wonderful day planned ahead. Those scones look amazing.

  8. Happy Canada Day, Lovella! It sounds as though you've got the perfect day planned.....and the perfect breakfast!

  9. have a wonderful Canada Day Lovella.

    Yesterday was such a nice post.
    To spend time with a friend is so delightful and what greater compliment is that, she would choose you to help her teach her home ec

  10. Happy Canada Day to you, Lovella. Enjoy the weinie roast tonight.

  11. Such festive goings on! Raspberry scones is a great way to do celebrational colors. I would have guessed Maple scones,(my favorite Starbucks treat) but you did much better.

    In a few years the grands will be able to decorate their trikes and bikes and hold a parade for everyone. Time will fly...that's for sure.

    So happy that the northern neighbors are still free and safe.

  12. Happy Holiday. Are some of those flowers Sweet Williams? I have that name in my mind but can't remember what they look like. We are all Americans and am fond of all things Canadian. Been there one time.

  13. Happy Canada Day Lovella! Love your red and white theme. Enjoy your day and the evening weiner roast!

  14. Those scones made me want to reach through the computer...they looked so good! All of you have pride and loyalty toward your country. I like that. I like that you proudly wave your flag. I like that you celebrate your freedom. And in my mind, a wiener roast would be the perfect way to end the day. Happy Canada Day to you and your family.

  15. Happy Canada day to you too! What a great country we live in.

  16. I've had a couple of people in my world ask me what is up with the Canadians having weiner roasts all the time.
    I told them I haven't a clue...maybe it is code for something they don't want us to know about :-*

  17. I always love seeing the flags flying, especially when the wind is just right. Sounds like you have a bit of work and bit of play happening today....a perfect balance. Enjoy Kathy

  18. Yes, indeed; God keep our land glorious and free. I happened to quote that on my blog today too.


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