it was a good day!

Early in the morning .. .
we had "house" guests. . .which I'll elaborate on another day. .
I popped my raspberry scones in the oven and then . .
let the day unfold.
Around noon ..
when the eggs were in the cooler ..
and we were pretty much just the two of us. .
my beloved organized a picnic . .
for two.
We went the the closest park we could find. .
with our Chicken Snack Wraps. .
and found the local DQ for our dessert.
Later in the afternoon. .
we went to the Canada Day Party that we now consider a yearly event.
(my sister by love once said that if you do something two times in a row. . .it becomes standard) .. in this case. . .it sounds like a good idea.

Our little friend Ethan. ..
calls us all names that are unique to us. . .and him. .
and we love him for it.
The guys prepared to cook our dinner.
We laughed, relaxed. . talked about summer plans. .
and ate hot dogs.
We live in a wonderful country.
Not everything about Canada makes me proud . ..
but there is plenty to be thankful for.
At the end of the day. . .we found ourselves in conversation in which we challenged each other to be kind to our community. . to be involved. . .and to seek to care for those. ..
that need a bit of love.
I'd say. . . it was a good day!


  1. Spending time with friends and reflecting on all that is good...that is a good day, especially when there's a side trip through DQ!

  2. Hey, you're holding my favourite summer treat! Mmm mm! Glad you had a wonderful day.

  3. Thanks for the pics. DQ dipped cones are the best!!! Is this someone's house and yard? It looks beautiful and I would love to have a patio and fire pit like that!

  4. I totally agree with you that we're not proud of everything about Canada, but there is so much for which to be thankful! And we definitely need to be committed to be involved to make a difference. A very good day indeed!

  5. A day right out of a story book...that is what this day looks like to me. The pictures are beautiful!! The chocolate covered ice cream cones reminded me of my college days, and what fun memories those were. Roasting hotdogs to me, is a highlight of my summer festivities. Oh, the joy of sitting with friends and family around a campfire.

  6. Looks like a perfect day!!
    I agree...we have much to be thankful for in our Canada... not the least of which is our friends!!!
    Chocolate dipped cones ?? hmmm.... and I'm still yearning after your raspberries scones too!

  7. sounds like the perfect day to me!

  8. Tradtions, celebrations, conversations that challenge...and hot dogs and dipped cones. I think you got it good up there!

  9. A wonderful day with friends..sounds good! Love that DQ fave!

  10. Traditions are good...and this sounds like one that you need to hang on to. It looked like the perefct way to celebrate Canada Day...from start to finish.

    Hmmm...early morning visitors? I'll be back!

  11. A great back yard for a evening wiener roast. Those are the best.
    I love the fire pit. Maybe that' my project for next year.

  12. Sounds like you have a good tradition in the making. So much to be thankful for!

  13. Sounds like you had an enjoyable and relaxed kind of day. That is one formal looking fire has to be to go with their home and the lovely grounds. I dug through a few drawers to find my Canada Day T shirt and can't for the life of me find it. Glad to see you wearing yours. You are very patriotic. Kathy

  14. Looks like a perfect day...

    You do have me wondering what Ethan's names are for you...little ones' language is so adorable.

  15. I am so enjoying all the different countries that I have blog friends in. Different cultures, religions, traditions but as humans we are all the same inside. Thank goodness for being led to these blogs. I feel so blessed and serene inside to know that. In the USA there are a lot of things I am not proud of either, but the freedoms we have are priceless. Blessings

  16. Sounds lovely! I could use on of those DQ's soft serve ice creams right now. It is toasty up here in the Northwest!!

  17. It really is the DQ really is just a part of summer, isn't it? So, let the traditions continue - good food, good fun, good friends...looks like you had a most marvelous day!

  18. What good thoughts for your community. On the 4th, I think I'll bring up just those ideas at our celebration.


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