Investment opportunity

If you are like the two of us. . .

you are always keen on good ideas.

Several years ago a good friend of ours had his van stolen right from under his bedroom window.

We were aghast. . .the nerve. . .thievery run amuck.

My beloved being the friend he is tossed and turned at night. . .

wondering how he could help his friend avoid having the thievery repeat itself.

During his sleepless night he devised a plan to begin mass production of the...

Nighthawk Alarm System.

He went to town and purchased a few necessary items for the first ever. . .

Nighthawk Alarm System.

Needing to keep the costs down. . .

he scrounged through his fishing tackle box and borrowed a few items from it.

I did a small bit of sewing for the project myself.

An old tie was shortened and Velcro was attached to make for easy evening alarm setting. .

and easy morning de-arming.

If you look up at Exhibit A. . .

you will see the self explanatory instruction manual that he inserted into the little blue box.

The beauty of this system is that you can take it anywhere.

If there is one thing that a good friend will do.. .

he'll take good care of his gifts. . .

so that when re-gifting is appropriate. .

it's ready to go.

If this investment opportunity appeals to you .. .

please leave a comment. . .I am attempting to raise some money today.

OH. .

The insurance lady yesterday called the claim on our stolen and since recovered pickup truck . . has been . . . . accepted.

(Think about the commercial where the two guys keep getting older and older while waiting for the claim to be . . .denied. . . .we were beginning to watch our wrinkles develop as well).


OH. . and another thing. . .It's going to be a scorcher ☼..

It's supposed to hit 34ยบ today.

Grandgirlie and I are going to spend the day in the wading pool. . . ..

50¢ at the gate and you can join us.

(We're earning money for the icecream truck)

All for now..


  1. Haha...that's great!

    It's sad that recent events have us all thinking along the same lines - how to protect our loved ones and our possessions.

    Enjoy the pool...and the ice cream!

  2. This is very clever! Oh the uniqueness. Might be hard to mass produce and going on the road to promote may take away from KM time. Pool and ice cream time... that's what summer is about!

  3. What a "great" gift and a lot of fun at the same time. But you are right...often the greatest ideas are born out of strife.

    Have fun with the grandgirlie today...water and ice-cream sound perfect.

  4. I LOVE it! What fun! Friends make a bitter situation easier to swallow. Enjoy the day!

  5. Ha! You really are quite the entrepreneur! Yay for an accepted claim! Yay for good friends who provide us with sympathy and a good chuckle! Enjoy your day with the grandgirlie...

  6. I giggled as I read your post! Way to go girl..a good attitude!!
    Have fun in the wading pool..a scorcher of a day for sure! Hope that isn't coming our way..

  7. Hee hee hee...and as they get older I suppose they will need bigger and bigger bells to wake them up.

    Have fun in the tyke pool. Will you be wearing matching polka dot swim suits with ruffles on your cute little bottoms?

  8. Love it! Thanks for the chuckle! Enjoy the water. C

  9. :0) Fun invention!
    Since I don't have a wading pool or a grandgirlie I'm going to the mall to keep cool :0)
    Have a great day Lovella.

  10. We had a good laugh about this one...I just had to share your clever concept! And thanks for sharing the 'blueprint'...with no patent...because who knows when we may need to make a copykat kit.

    Stay cool!

  11. Brilliant!
    (Why did I have a 'K-Tel' flashback as I read the 'ad'?)

  12. Have a great time with Grandgirlie today. Please pass on my congrats to KM, lil' farm hand and their parents for me! I'm so happy for them!

  13. Too bad you dind't get that earlier. If the owner knew when the thief would come, he woud be prepared, right?
    the wading pool sound like a good idea. I might have to get one too.
    They are probably sold out.

  14. You had me chuckling. What a hoot. Enyou the pool. I did the pool thing with my two grands yesterday and they got me good a wet. Felt so good on a hot day. You two have fun. Kathy

  15. this one made me laugh!! i love the diagrams for the instructional manual :)


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