for sundays

Now tell me the truth. .

if you were sitting in church. .

and you thought you might need to burp. . .a wee bit. .

wouldn't you want be lady like about it?

I considered her possible dilemma. . .

and whipped her up a going to church burp pad.

Next time. .

I'll get my beloved to use up every ounce of patience he has. .

to take pictures of each stitch. .

I promise.

Well .. .I promise I'll ask. . .

I wish I could explain how to do this. . .

It's not near enough professional for me to start giving directions.

I did use a purchased burp pad. .

used a fine crochet hook.

Used the crochet hook to punch through the flannelet. . .using the binding as the guide.

Did three single crochets and then punched the fabric down again. . .

Second row. . .I did two double crochets in each space. .

and then I said. .

Ta dah.

I'm sure there are far better explanations out there. .

Just wing it. .

it is easy to yank out. . .

and try again.

That's what I did.

All for now. .


  1. I love doing these borders around receiving blankets. Lately, instead of buying packaged blankets, I buy flannel material which allows me to "make" a bigger blanket. I love how you made your own pattern - I have a pattern sheet or 4 different borders. Congratulations on your precious new granddaughter. We are anticipating our 4th grandchild's arrival any day now. Blessings.

  2. Ohhh how precious is that. The stitch is so dainty and perfect for a discreet little burp or just to lay your head down on a shoulder. I bet little KM loves the soft things her gma makes for her!!

  3. That was a good explanation. I could follow that. I know you are so proud of your grands. I am too. I have dedicated todays blog to my very first grandchild. She is 29 today. Just seems like yesterday she was born.

  4. Love it! May inspire me to try...C

  5. Sew Sweet! Love it Lovella!

  6. Now what a sweet way to let it all out. I've made many a burp cloth, but never thought to stitch such pretty edging on.
    Oh, and congrats on the little one :)

  7. That is one sweet looking 'burp pad' and it makes it extra special that grammie made it!

  8. How lovely! Of course a wee lass as precious as KM will never have need of it. Years from now she will blush to think that you even suggested that she might need to burp at all...and especially not in church! Being a little angel and all, that sort of thing just would never happen!

  9. She is one blessed little granddaughter! What a pretty edging!

  10. Lovely little gift for this little gal. You did a beautiful job of the crochet. Isn't pink just so....pretty. Kathy

  11. Whoa! I can't believe you used the word easy for this work of art! :0)
    I have no stitching skills whatsoever so I'll just admire this from a distance!!

  12. That is so clever. I like the idea and you can also do the cross stitch around a new pretty wash cloth that have also been used as burb bibs.

    Yank it out...I did that so many times on my first try...but then you learn how and away you go.

  13. Most precious...and most suitable for burping in on a Sunday! You have me wondering whether a boy baby would appreciate such a lovely burp pad. I'm thinking it looks much prettier in pink.

    When do you sleep, Lovella? It seems to me you are always comiung up with some project or another!

  14. Oh scrumptious! Little one will certainly be well prepared for Sundays.

  15. Judy . .the lil' farm hand had a sunday burp pad too blues and reds. .and white trim. I've learned that infant boys don't notice if you add a bit of lacy trim. . .

  16. A machine could not have done a more perfect job ... and definetely it could not pour as much love into it!

  17. I've never seen such a beautiful burp pad! And the photo of the stitches up close is a work of art.

    Sara in California

  18. I do many crafty things but I can tell you that I've never created something so feminine and so beautiful. Every tiny girl should have a burb pad like that for church. What a fortunate little girl she is to have you for her grandma.

  19. That is precious - only a grammy would take the time to make the ordinary so special. Lucky little KM!

  20. A fine crochet hook, really? I never would imagine it would be able to pierce through the fabric like that.

    Oh, how I wish you would mentor me...can you move to CT Lovella?

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  21. Beautiful job Lovella!!


  22. Such beautiful work!!! So intricate and lightly colorful! Delightful to look at...or burp into!


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