The Dampa

He calls it the Dampa. . .

They just get funnier and funnier. . .and we laugh more and more.

Plan A. . .teach him how to drive the gator. . done.

Plan B. . .teach him how to steer the gator. . .in progress.

Plan C. . .have him follow us around instead of us following him around. . .not even close.

Not bad for 18 months old. . . at least he's not talking on a cell phone while scooting around the farm.

OH. . and the puppy?

That little girl puppy isn't ours. . .well. . .not yet anyways. ..

Is it wrong to pray that no one claims her?

I'll let you know how that one works out.

Babies and Puppies. . .

All for now. . .with love,


  1. Babies and puppies...little boys and things that's all good, isn't it?

  2. How precious. My kids were wee tots when they had their first electric 4 wheelers. We started them young so we could teach them safety on the farm at a young age thinking it would stick with them easier! Our motto "respect and safety". The puppy seems right at home! Maybe they are all heading to Dairy Queen!!!

  3. Oh, so cute! How soon they all grow up. Enjoy!

  4. What fun! Little guys really love their moving vehicles and big guys too!!

  5. Good luck with both your projects, Lovella.......teaching an 18 month old to follow, and taking on a puppy. Looking forward to hearing about what unfolds........

  6. What are little boys made of? Snips of farming, driving at Snails' pace, happy Puppy Dog Tails. At 18 mos, he drives better than some adults I've seen. :)

  7. Now, that's cute! Love the plan....

  8. There just isn't anything cuter than babies and puppies. What great grandparents the two of you are!!

  9. Looks like he is doing pretty good. Waiting for the answer to the puppy question. Blessings

  10. Now that is a picture of what we "deprived" our son of many years ago ... and just yesterday on our walk, when we saw another child riding a car, we talked about how he could get one for his child soon . . . but we came to the conclusion that we'd probably be the ones making it up to the grandchild. He's an excellent driver - 18 months? I'm sure he could handle the cell phone as well.

  11. What are little boys made of? Gators...on the trail...and a puppy dog's tail.

    Maybe you could share the 'puppy dog's tale' another day.

    What fun!

  12. Oh that is cute! What out for your heels and shins! ;-) But the smile on his face I'm sure is quite permanent and priceless!

  13. Ohh that puppy looks right at home !! If you want him , I pray that he gets to stay !!!
    and I love the little farmer getting all the training he needs!!!!! smile...

  14. Too Funny. It's so much fun. I don't know what I would do without that little 18 month old of mine. The other boy has grown up so much...but the little one....
    Oh, yea....they are cute.


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