blueberry sweetness . . and a few complaints

This may seem like yet another Grammie post ...

but it's not. .

I just thought I would have you look as something sweet whilst . .

I do my cranky rant.

Who...tell me who. . . would have the nerve to steal our trailer puller truck. . .

while Kanneloni Macaroni was trying to be born.

In the middle of the night. .

while I slept very little but was obviously otherwise distracted .. .

someone. . dropped their cigarette butt on our driveway ..

and drove off towards the the hills north ..

tossed the grand carrier in the bushes ..

removed the after market wheels. . and new tires ..

and left it sit.

Our local RCMP officer called to say it had been found.

We haven't seen it yet. .

who knows. .

it's just a thing ..

and certainly not anything that matters most . .but annoying none the less.

Is it our fault that in all the excitement and hoopla of Kanneloni coming soon..

that we didn't lock and alarm the truck ..

like we do every other night?

Apparently there are mean people in our neck of the woods.

And while I am leaving you stunned by my less that cheery monologue. .

the last few days. . .

my computer or Internet service .. .or worse. . maybe both. .

keeps deciding from time to time . .to do the snail crawl.

My usual 15 minutes from picture gazing to pressing the publish post button. ..

became hours on Thursday.

Finally I gave in to posting just one picture . .

instead of the others that were equally important in my grammie mind.

That made me further cranky.

So .. .until I get things sorted out. . .

the publish button might not be pushed at all.

It may be no more than a few days. .

we'll see.

Having said all that. . .

I'm the most blessed woman in the world this week.

I feel terribly ashamed to be complaining when on the other hand I'm so thankful.

I hesitated to tell you the behind grievances I am having. .

but I want to be real with you. .

and I wanted to document the neighborhood thievery.

There are two things you don't take from a man ..

his truck. .and his tractor. .and since we've lived on this farm ..

they've driven off with both.

Oh. ..but now I am complaining again.

God is good .. .all the time.

He doesn't change one bit .. .

it's me .. who gets in a fuss about stuff.

The only thing in this whole post that matters most. . is the blueberry picker.

I think I'll go crochet around a burp bib.

Pink. . .of course.

Now. .I'm going to press the publish button. .

If you are reading this . . .

I have a smile on my face. .

All for now...


  1. I'm glad you're smiling...I am, too, not because of the thievery, but because it brings to mind what my dear MIL always says, "He'll be held accountable for his actions; he'll get his due in the end..." when it matters most.

    Your blueberry picker/new big brother is precious. It makes me long to see my little Aiden...and I will next week! Now look who's smiling!

  2. Wow, I can't believe that!!! I'm very sorry about the truck. Glad it's been found and hope it will be sorted out soon.

    At least you have something VERY EXCITING to occupy your thoughts in the mean time. And I do wish those blueberry bushes were close to my house. No blueberries for me yet but a friend travelled 3 hours north and picked 57 pounds this week. I'm going to have to wait until they go on sale at the supermarket.

  3. Oh my.... can you believe the boldness of people. We live on a farm too and we now try to close up all machine sheds before the end of the day. Can't leave them open anymore. It is like an invite to dishonest people just driving by. We were always taught "If it doesn't belong to you, leave it alone!" re: anything, it didn't matter if it was a penny! This was one of the things I drilled into my kids every chance I got. Sorry for your loss, it is such a violation... then on the other hand, how is lil' KM? can't wait to see more pics.
    P.S. I have had some real issues with my profile on my dashboard. So I went all the way down to the bottom of the page (by the copyright) and went to "discuss", went to "known issues" and saw that other people are having the same problems. At least I know I'm not the only one and therefore, not anything I can fix....

  4. Yikes! That just doesn't sit right. I'm so glad you threw in that cute blueberry picker!

  5. who but who would steal your vehicle.......well you have a cigarette butt on your drive way with DNA.....find that culprit!

  6. How could they? It reminded me again of how life is...even at the best of times, there are things that are not perfect...and even when everything is going wrong, there are are little bits of joy.

  7. Just keep on looking at those gorgeous grandbabies. The insurance will cover the theft and you will be able to relax again, in a little while, after the violation of being robbed begins to fade.
    Keep on smiling and we'll smile with you.

  8. God IS good all the time - it's people that are not.
    Having had a vehicle stolen - TWICE - I feel your frustration!
    Blessings for today.

  9. Fiends! It's not complaining if you are documenting an actual fact. It's not wrong to speak out against wrong.

    I hear you with the blogging difficulties. So many are using the follower widget and that bogs everything down. Then Internet Explorer is having troubles followed by Blogger. It's enough to have us all living our real lives until they get it fixed. ;>

  10. I can't believe what you went through that night. Thinking back abit, you were awake writing emails also, weren't you? And you didn't notice anything.
    It's a real inconvenience. I know that it's just a thing....but you were so true...Our men have their own special toys and leave them alone. Murphy's wasn't locked...I'm not sure how secure our vehicles are...maybe I better check.
    Hopefully when it's all solved you can say "It's a blessing in disquise."
    I'm glad they didn't take the little blueberry picker....Ouch!!!!

  11. Having been the victim of (several) thefts while living in South LA, I know how you're feeling. (I'm sure Lynette could tell you stories!) It always astounds me, even now, that people are so mean and selfish as to steal anything. But to steal what is vital to your farming is over the top. I hope the police catch the culpits and punish them to the full extent of the law. (Use that ciggie butt against them!) MY ranti is over now.

    Your little man is adorable and loving his chores.

  12. Seems like a huge risk just to nab some wheels and tires doesn't it? Hopefully nothing else was stripped from the truck.

    You definitely need a new guard dog. Make the pup raise her right paw and swear her into her guard duties immediately.

  13. True it is only things, but the inconvenience that comes from others disrespect gets to me. The sad thing is we say people are stealing things now that may not have been stolen in good times, but that is not the case. Stealing is just in some personalities good times or bad. Congts on the new baby. I am looking forward to new pictures. Blessings
    I got computer problems too.

  14. Vent away, I know the feeling. Sad that our world is so full of people who have no problem taking what doesn't belong to them!
    This will be a distant memory very soon... but I am sure you will be a little more aware of locking things up. Such a shame really.

    Love your little berry picker :)

  15. Ah Lovella, you're allowed a rant now and again. It makes you like the rest of us. God knows your grateful heart and was probably making it very frustrating for that determined meanie who stole your truck. Let's hope everything goes wrong for him from here on in.
    (Yikes, Is that a Christian Attitude?:{) I like what Vicki said - a much nicer way to express the same thought!

  16. My son-in-law was robbed recently of three expensive generators in the barn while in the midst of moving to a new home they've built right next door! my daughter heard the dogs barking in the night, and now we know why! It is SO unsettling to know that people in your own neighborhood will steal from you. I guess I am just naive. Hope you'll hop over and read my friend and partner in blogging "C"s new post which I think you'll appreciate! V.

  17. I'm grrring to that there are people so disfunctional that there is nothing positive in their life..and all they can do is steal from others. I'm so sorry that they found their way to your home!
    I THINK I'm glad they found your truck.. hopefully it can be restored to its pre-theft pristine condition!
    I appreciate the you have a great attitude and know where your heart is - on the things that are REALLY important!! loved ones

    I had to chuckle at my word verification 'miessups'!

  18. Congratulations on your new grandaughter! Pink. Nice contrast for the little farm hand.

    I'm sorry about your truck. Even though it's just a thing, it is distressing when others take what is ours. Creepy even.

    I'm glad for your happy distractions of greater worth.

  19. Sorry Lovella. Very disheartening to know that you HAVE to lock everything these days. Glad it has been *found* hope it is in the same condition in which you left it.

    Those blueberries look like bunches of GRAPES.

    sending my love;

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  20. I'm sorry to hear of the theft - it's a little curious because we had one too - Roger's fly fishing rod while we were in NFLD. It was a rod specially made for him and had his name engraved on it...

    I think I feel worse about it than he does.

    But as you say - it is only a "thing". Disappointing though.

    I'm glad you have a sweet little pink bundle to distract you :)

  21. I love your honesty and realness. I am amazed at how you can share something totally annoying like this thievery and still be able to write in an interesting and spell binding way. Things like this sure can dampen our thoughts and attitudes quickly. It the midst of the blessings of new birth and adorable blueberry pickers, can come disappointments and frustrations. It seems they often go together. I like your smile through winning in the end.

  22. Just found your blog a few weeks ago, and i wanted to let you know how much i enjoy it! The baby pictures are soo cute. I also love crocheting and knitting, and making things for a new baby is double fun! Just pulled out a pan of maple twist rolls out of the oven. When i bake something and i think it'll turn out good, i make a double recipe right away, so the second one is almost done! The smell of maple and yeast dough is already worth it! Come and see my blog someday, you'll find me at
    Hugs, from Paraguay!

  23. So frustrating! I am so sorry --- I'm sure you feel violated. Our cabin has been twice broken into over the years --- and it gives one such a helpless and frustrated feeling. I understand your frustration.

  24. Oh that is just pure nastinest. There seem to be mean people where ever you are. What a shame. It does kind of ruin ones day. I'm sorry.

    On to cheerier things...congratulations!! Another feather in your cap/quill? What a blessed grammie you are. How wonderfully full your heart must be. :)


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