the blessing

The flowers have been putting up a brave effort in this heat.

I pulled out my mom's old white porcelain jug. .

and her company tablecloth. .

and filled the jug with flowers from my garden.

I needed her to be a part of Baby Kanneloni Macaroni's high tea.

As I looked around the circle of women and little girls. .

I thought. . .these will be the women in your life. .

some first cousins your age. . .some aunties. . .and great aunties. .

an omi a grammie and a great oma . . .that love you to pieces. .

I hope you will always know . . .

how much you were loved. .

on the hot day in July. . .when we had high tea.

May the blessing that your omi prayed over you ..

follow you all the days of your life.

All for now. . .


  1. What a beautiful way to bring little Miss KM into this loving circle. May she - and all of you - be blessed in all your days.

  2. Sweet circle of love...may it always be unbroken.

    And may warm graciousness be found in your home, even while everyone is saying "Gracious, it's warm in here!"

  3. How very wonderful to have a gathering like this topped off with a blessing!

  4. How fortunate that little girl is to be born into a family like yours, with a heritage like yours. The flowers would make any tea party look like a magazine photo. Wishing all of you many times of joy together.

  5. What a lovely memory you've made - one that Miss KM will have from the photos you'll have taken and the stories you tell and re-tell over the years.

  6. Another blessing and how important that we reflect on these special occasions as we bring her into the big world.
    You have been a blessing to me Lovella.

  7. What a beautiful legacy for your new little grandgirlie! I'm keeping this idea in mind :)

  8. A warm welcoming on all counts... I love to hear about the blessings that a grandparent bestows. (I am privileged to hear them daily when John prays for the children, grands, and greats.) Though I am way out here on the fringes, I stand with "the congregation" and say, "amen." Welcome little, Kanneloni Macaroni, a beautiful life to you. You sure know how to pick a family!

  9. Wonderful ~ tender moments.
    bringing generations together... a current of love that brings life and love to the family circle.
    Enjoy all the moments ~Maria

  10. What a beautiful, heartfelt post! I'm so glad I stopped by~

  11. What a beautiful blessing, my blogger friend.

    And for the record, you are more than welcome to tromps on down to my place and bring unbaked cinnamon buns to throw into the oven. Bring a sweater because you'll likely need it. I walk around in a tank top and shorts while my hubby actually has an electric heating blanket wrapped around his toesies on the couch. Your comment about the relish made me laugh out loud. Isn't this blogland and the friendships developed so special?!?!?

  12. Thank you for inviting me to share the special day of blessing with you. She is a little honey. You had every detail just perfect...from the back yard to the flowers, and your beautiful high tea trays of goodies. Blessings to you and your family. With love Kathy


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