3:10 am

It is 3:10 am on Thursday July 30 2009.

I'm sleepless. . . in the bungalow .. . weather channel bright in the night. . .

According to the latest temperature recorded . ..

at 3:00 am . .we are at 26 C or 79 F.

Wind NE 7 km

Humidity 54 %.

After sleeping 3 solid hours I'm wide awake.

I'm thinking of pretending it's morning and making the lemon poppy seed scones ..

setting out my mom's china. .

stirring up devonshire cream. . .

and waiting for my guests.

I have invited a few of baby Kanneloni Macaroni's best friends .. for high tea to welcome her.

Her great grandma is making little sandwiches without crusts . .

Her great Auntie Mary is picking up the Babycakes from Tracycakes . .

Her little first cousins are bringing the enthusiasm.

Iced Tea is chilling in the fridge.

Yesterday we beat our record . . .reaching 38 C or 100.4 F.

The weather forecast is looking a wee bit cooler today. . .97 F or 36 C.

If they really come in this heat. . they truly are a welcoming party.

I've asked my beloved to be on wading pool duty.

He put in fresh water last night. . .

Just girls and dgampa for high tea.

All for now.. .

with love,


  1. I'm up early ready to come to the tea. I am looking forward to seeing MM. It is strange how when a adult child is sick all you can think about is that child as a little girl again. So full of life and now struck down to fight a debilitating kick in her world of normality.

  2. Oh, that's hot. My brother (who lives just across the southern border from you) says the heat is nearly unbearable. I think it would be great to invite Miss KM's guests to cool their feet in the wading pool while sipping their iced tea. Enjoy your tea party!

  3. 79 at 3:00am - yaooooweee! My husband just commented Seattle Washington in the 100's. Weird!!! maybe ice cubes should be on the menu. I'll pray for coolness for you...

  4. It will be a fun time, I'm sure the welcoming party will be there no matter what the weather.
    Your menu sounds so delicious and special. Poppy seed scones? Hope that recipe shows up somewhere.

  5. Oye! For the first time ever I slept with the fan aimed straight at my body all night. I think Our high here in my town reached 103.6 yesterday. Too hot for no air conditioning. I also have never experienced heat here without a good cool down at night. I hope your party goes well...

  6. It's hot hot hot here too - but all the windows are open to catch the overnight and early morning cool. Have fun at your tea party!

  7. I can see the end of summer coming. At least we will probably have snow in Sept. As you can probably tell, I hate the heat! Have a great time at your tea!

  8. Awww, it must be stifling. Hope that your party is a delightful success and I'm sure that everyone is looking forward to meeting the wee one.

  9. Catching up with you and hoping your weather is a little cooler today so you can enjoy hot tea instead of iced with your scones.

    I'm so sad for Otis. And for you.

  10. I'm with Vicki...gather around the wading pool...sipping on ice-tea while cooling their toes. That would make for a most memorable welcoming party for Miss KM. Have fun!

  11. Oh dear - no fun to be up in the middle of the night. We got our AC on sale at Sears for $100 - it does a great job of cooling the bedroom for the few humid times we need it.

    Hope your party goes well - and that you get a good night's rest tonight.

  12. I read the Portland Ore. and Seattle broke their all time high record. And the East coast has broken their all time summer low records.

    Hot weather in areas where it is usually cool enough to not need airconditioning is horrid. Hope the temps settle DOWN soon, and the party is a delightful interlude.

  13. I'm sorry the heat is really overdoing its enthusiasm up your way! Here's hoping the temps will come down in the near future for all of your sakes.

    Enjoy your lovely day; high tea sounds simply wonderful, and what company could be better than that!

  14. Hope your day was as wonderful as you described. It's so much fun making these events happen, heat or no heat...The pool sounds like a great idea....I think I would be crawling in there with the wee ones. Who cares?

  15. oh... I'm certain they will come... what's a little heat when there's a party at Grammie's house?

    The heat can stop any time now.. but it doesn't look like it will any time soon!

  16. I hope you had a good day and sleep well tonite.

  17. Well, here it is 3:49 a.m., and I'm up on this computer!! But we don't have that heat down here (amazing, because we usually do this time of year). Will be waiting on pictures! C


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