year four

. . .and another thing I love about Harrison. .
is tender memories.
Perhaps. . .
when at one time. . .
you felt nothing but joy at a special place .. .
it will forever hold a place in your heart.

Four years ago today .. .
at the very place where the lil' farm hand walked with his dampa through the trellis. .
a bride walked. . .

My son. . .is a very blessed man.
I tell him that from time to time. . .
I love him. . .and I love that girl he married too.

My peonies are blooming right on schedule. . .
some years. . they are a little early. .
some years . .they are a little late.
but this year. .
the buds are open and begging to be sniffed.

I like to count the stems .. .
because I can.
this year. .
100 plus stems. . . enough for a good part of a garland.

A garland of peonies fit for a beautiful bride.

Dear Lord Jesus. . .
bless our children. . .
hold them close. . .

All for now. . .


  1. What a beautiful day that must have been!! Our peonies are long gone now, but your pictures are just lovely. I hope your son and daughter-in-law have a special anniversary!

  2. What a beautiful post today. The flowers are so lovely and of course the bride and groom. Happy families is the answer to all our troubles, we must hand on. Blessings.

  3. The only thing that could outshine those beautiful flowers: The radiant bride. And she continues to glow in every picture I have ever seen of her...a beauty in looks and deeds as well.

    My neighbor's peonies are nodding over our wall, and yesterday I enjoyed cutting my first peonie for the kitchen table. I thought of T & B's wedding when I did so!

  4. Oh my what an absolutely beautiful garland that was. Yikes! May God bless the young couple with many years of love and understanding and forgiveness towards one another...

  5. I remember the day even though I wasn't there . . . Happy Anniversary to the beautiful couple if they see this!

  6. Like a dream - what a beautiful setting, what a beautiful couple.

    I think you've guessed right about my lunch partner, and of course, it would be lovely to be three for lunch sometime soon!

  7. Oh I have only 4 peony plants. I love their sweet, but not too...
    The garland must have been splendid!
    Fragrant and beautiful...
    ...may their marriage continue in the same~♥♥♥~
    A Wonderful Weekend to you

  8. What a beautiful, captivating photo and what truly meaningful words written about your son and his bride. Your my prayer...everyday.

  9. Happy Anniversary to T and B! Time really does fly! I hope and pray that they are blessed with MANY more years to come together!


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