what's in a name?

When we did the roll call at our family weekend away .. .

we numbered . . .

about. . .


I was sorry that I didn't make a mark on one of these posts at the resort. .

with their initials. . .

so that we could do a yearly assesment and grand count.

Grandgirlie. . .helps grammie takes pictures. . .

she's a bit camera shy.

. . . we think she is the most darling little girl . . .

with sparkly blue eyes that twinkle when she smiles. . .

We don't really call her grandgirlie. . .

she has a name that suits her perfectly.

The lil' farmhands . . .

. . real name has somehow had "Baby" firmly attached to it. . .

since day one.

He's starting to lose it. . .

and he is completely unaware . . . .

He might be a big boy when he thinks he's being watched. . .

but when he needs to be lifted and cuddled. . .

he remembers he has a grammie as well as a dampa.

In grade three. . .my teacher called me Louella the entire year.

My mom and dad called me Toots. . .till I was too old to be called that.

My siblings called me Vellie until after I was married.

My beloved has always called me Hon .. .

My friends all call me Lovella . . .

but recently. . .my newest name is ammie . . .

and it is the sweetest name I've ever heard.

All for now. .


  1. Oh! I am longing to be holding a wee one in my arms like that again!! It will be such a gift to become an "ammie". Happy days :)

  2. It is interesting how names can take on such meaning! I can hardly wait to hear a little voice call me as well...guess it will be a few months yet. Looks like your famiy get away was great fun...heard the sunshine was glorious...

  3. Our oldest daughter and her hubby are driving in from Montana this week, and we will have a chance to get to know our 3 month old granddaughter! I am the only one who has had the chance to hold her, so there will be much lovin' on real soon! We can hardly wait!

  4. I know that that name...and it is one of my favorites! Isn't this a fun stage of life? We are so blessed.

  5. Ahh that is so sweet...ammie! Love it. All those photos of the little farmhand walking around with dampa are wonderful!

  6. Awww...loved this post...and great pictures! You know, I have a friend whom we still call Toots. I only learned her real name when she got married!!

  7. Whatever they call us is truly the sweetest name we will ever hear. What a tender, uplifting post. "ammie and dampa"...what could be sweeter!

  8. So cute indeed!!! So we chose names for ourselves when our first grand arived. She, being the oldest co-operated and we are Papa and Grammy. Our other kids asked if that measn they all have to call us that? Well, we didnt' have to worry, because sweet little Miss N came along and when she called me Mimi, it sounded like music to my ears too. So when the older 2 grands talk to her about me, they say Mimi to her, but Grammy to me. Kids are smart. I wonder if she'll one day say Grammy to them when she talks about me?

  9. Oh Lovella - what a thrill to hear your new name! I am Nang Nang, which will eventually become Nana, I'm sure. I love it!

  10. The names will take afew turns and twists before they settle on one. We've gone from papa to cuppa...from mama to gramma to gram. Each has a sweet sound rolling off little lips. I enjoyed the photos of your weekend. I had to chuckle at the 'baby' attached to your little guys name...our youngest grandson has also from day one been 'baby D'...even to his cousins. I'm sure with the next two additions we will have to make an effort to give him a big boy name, but he will still have a place to climb up and snuggle....until of course he lets me know he is just too old for that. Lots of years to go yet:) Kathy

  11. What a sweet post...and what a big boy you're holding there! Enjoy it while you can...someday you might find him holding you!

  12. I LOVE your posts!

  13. Sweet little group...and if it is true that a much loved child has many names then I think the same is true with grandparents.

    I always admired the women who manage to have their grandchildren call then "Grandmama" with a sophisticated tone. Wonder how old kids have to be before they can properly pull that off?

  14. I agree, whatever they call me is fine. Some grandparents tell the children what they want to be called. It never worked out for us. It is whatever come out of that sweet little mouth first. Blessings

  15. Twisted my heart a little bit, what a sweet boy!

  16. Aw..how special and sweet is that.


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