the warmest of welcomes

Perfect cheese scones. . .

and the fragrance of freshly baked apple raisin bread. . .

"hi. . .please come in". . .

smiles and welcomes. . . .

a table set with the utmost care . .

china. . .and individual name tags. . .

because that is the kind of hostess she is.

Later in the afternoon. . .while making dinner. . .

I thought. . .Anneliese. . .always has. . .and always will have a gift.

Making the local Mennonite Girls Can Cook. . .feel welcomed ..

I thought .. . she didn't have to do it. . but she really wanted to. . .

and boy. . does it ever make a girl feel welcome.

It was no ones birthday. . no one retired .. .no one had any kind of milestone at all.

She invited us .. . just because.

I wonder how many other women besides myself. . .

over the years she has inspired to be a hostess with a gentle manner .. .

and a bit of care. . that makes a girl feel special.

I came home and looked at my china. . .

I'll plan a luncheon. . .

soon. . .very soon. .

Surely . . .a few girls I care about need a bit of pampering.

Today is a grammie day. . .

All for now. . .


  1. What a wonderful tribute to a kind and talented hostess...everything looks beautiful. I love the china! Mine looks so old and tired...with this new kitchen, I've been thinking about new dishes...

  2. I loved the little table name cards, how sweet and the food looks scrumptous! What fun to celebrate friendship :)

  3. How special! Isn't it wonderful to enjoy hospitality like that. Such a treat! Being often on the giving end of hospitality, I always find when someone does something like Anneliese did for you that I enjoy it so, so much. It does have a way of inspiring and invigorating, doesn't it!

  4. Sounds lovely in every way especially with the company :0)

  5. That looks like the perfect summer luncheon! It's so nice to have a reason to dress up a little in the middle of the day and to sit with friends, sharing a very feminine luncheon. All those little touches - your friend surely has the gift of hospitality.

  6. Cheers to Anneliese for an making us feel so at home...The table setting, the name tags, the punch, all the details made it so suitable as we just got to know each other.
    WE all jumped at 4:00pm, not know the time had passed so fast.

  7. You would probably have a list a mile long of friends who would love to eat at your table...just because. I read in a hospitality book that the greatest compliment you can give someone is to invite them to your home for a meal. The event yesterday was so beautiful and so well thought out. Thanks for sharing the little details and the gorgeous photos.

  8. Ohhhh, Judy didn't mention the cheese scones. Hmmmm... I love that you are now planning a luncheon yourself, Lovella. It is a blessed thing to reach out to the women around us. I don't do it at all and I know that I can do better.

  9. Yes, it was a special time together!
    The gift of a hostess is a special one! A gift you also possess!
    I wish you a happy Grammie Day!
    And be careful with your back! I was happy to see you moving easily..but you don't want
    'reoffend' it!!!

  10. Oh Girl!. . . . I wasn't expecting a tribute . . . so much fuss! I've never had guests that take pictures of everything, and it feels kind of funny to see it now . . . all was good once the cameras were put away and we could just sit and chat at the table for three hours. . . not long enough, it seems.

  11. Years ago on a number of occations my hubby and I sat around Anneliese's table with her huuby and family and often another family. The years have past and our paths have not crossed much, but now we are both contributors on MGCC and it is so much fun to reconnect at this time in our lives. I agree with every word you posted today Lovella. I felt so pampered...just like all of us girls enjoy so much. Now...I should also pass on the blessing to afew of my friends. It is good to be encouraged to culivate our friendships. Kathy

  12. I am so envious of all the people who know each other on these blogs. I cannot find anyone I dearly love to blog with me. Thank you so much for including me virtually. Blessings

  13. What a lovely looking luncheon! The nametags are sweet and you girls are very cute with all your cameras!

  14. The gift of hospitality is a ministry both ways! It blesses the guests AND the hostess! This sounds like a wonderful time for all! Thanks for sharing--and inspiring! I'm gettin' on planning that next girlfriend gathering!! -C

  15. Oh that looks like loads of fun.
    Every now and then I get a hankering to do this...but it's been a while. Thanks for the inspiration to go for it once again! There's always someone who needs a little encouragement!


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