Under the Awning at #197

Under the awning ..
a coffee pot .. .
brewing. . .
Be here by 7:15 AM and you can sit on the other side of the table.
and a toaster .. .
toasting. .
and brick of cheddar and some peanut butter and jam.. .

Oh . .and fantastic news. . .

We wondered aloud to those that would give us half an ear .. .

"do you think that Cherries will be ready?"

"No. . .too early". .. .they said with little effort at sounding contrite.

I can imagine their delight in our good fortune.

. ..but of course ..

how would they have known the Chelan's are ready.

At $3.00 a small basket . .. .we eat them like proper adults. . .

whilst we recall summers past camping with our Rempel friends .. .

boxes of Cherries consumed each day.

Of course .. that came with it's own issues.

We walked up to the Vineyards yesterday morning .. .

and saw a rattler on the path. .

It's all good . . .

my back continues to have less spasms . . .

each day a little better.

All for now. .


  1. I felt soothed just reading your message over my own cup of coffee, birds chirping the start of the day in the background! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful pictures. The tree by the lake I love. I'm glad the back is better. Blessings

  3. I am so thankful that your back continues to improve!

    Your shore breakfast looks good...simple foods eaten outdoors taste better than any gourmet meal!

    The last photo is amazing...beautiful!

  4. Would love to join you for that coffee! I will start wiggling my nose! Loving that ankle reducer you got- I could use one here with this heat!

  5. It's 6:25 here and I'm throwing on my flip flops and hoodie and coming right over for some of that coffee by the lake.
    It looks so peaceful - what a gorgeous spot. Enjoy......

  6. Sounds inviting...got tea?

  7. What a lovely scene..hope you feel better every day!
    That breakfast table looks so familiar...reminds me of ours when we camp...but often we have a lot more plates, and the griddle is in full swing...the younger folks get very hungry in the great outdoors...

  8. Oh lovely. Glad your back is getting better. When you talked about eating all those cherries it brought back some memories of some issues of my own years back.... All things in moderation!

  9. I just can't express to you how excited I am that you are on vacation again. You have a way of pulling us in and almost making us feel like we are right there with you. In fact, the temptation to join you on the other bench, with coffee pot ready to go, was almost too much to resist. Keep on posting my friend, because I am loving the vacation.

  10. Mmmm...cherries! I can hardly wait...since we are heading that way next week.

    I can picture your spot perfectly...we have stayed at that same campsite on several occasions. It must be very peaceful with just the two of you! Sipping coffee and sharing bread and cheese on the shore...sounds like a great way to start the day.

    Glad your back is a 'wee bit better'.

  11. Just want to say Hi from afar . .. your spot looks inviting and the picture of the cherries - beautiful!

  12. I recall how much fun you guys had with the Remple's each year....memories to cherish forsure! Now...only one problem...I want your side of the bench...PLEASE?! Your outdoor kitchen has a perfect view. Enjoy your week, and keep looking after your back. Miss you Kathy

  13. I'm sure the rest and walk are helping your back. Just BE CAREFUL. Do not run, not even away from rattlers. :)

    And save some cherries for the rest of us.

  14. I found your blog through Mennonite Girls can cook and today I decided to make your Charlotte's Maple Twists. Now I need you to know, it was a first. First time I have ever baked with yeast. They were delicious! and turned out beautiful, if I do say so myself. Your directions were very simple to follow, that helped with this virgin yeast baker... Thanks for sharing recipes... I have only had a chance to read a few of your pages. Your photos are so nice... I'm glad I stumbled into you and will be visiting again.

  15. Hello Lovella - your location looks wonderful and relaxing....I did a little catch up reading on your blog and am glad to hear the back is improving. Yikes.

    I envy you those delicious cherries, even if they do bring "issues" with them!

    Sara - the one in Long Beach

  16. So glad to know that you are feeling much better. I'm also glad to see that you are off on another trip with your beloved. Rest easy and enjoy.

  17. Ohh.. Lovella... could you please please bring a box of cherries for you know what on Monday?????
    I'm so glad your back is on the mend-- such good news!
    I can't think of anything you could add to your perfect picture setting! Relax and enjoy!!

  18. Yummy...nothing quite like fresh off-the-tree cherries. Glad to hear that you are doing a little better...one day at a time, or perhaps it really is your new chair.

  19. Glad to hear that you have found this place of tranquility. I think I recognize it.
    I love the picture of the cherries.
    I wanted to buy some today but they were $5.50 a pound. YIKES!
    Enjoy them! Tis the season

  20. Looks like you have settled in and are enjoying the fruits of your labours! Put your feet up, and relax. Too bad you didn't take my thrilling reading of the Canadian donought shop with you! Oh, well. I just finished the paper that was due last Wednesday. Life has been hectic! Nothing is changing back home, so stay out there as long as you can!

  21. I've been enjoying your other blog, MGCC, and often take a peak at what you're up to. I'm from Lynden, WA and am very interested in the name of the campsite that you stay at. We like to go to Lake Chelan, but a site right on the lake looks lovely. Would you share the name of the campsite? Melissa L from Lynden

  22. HI Melissa. . .sure no problem, you can the link here. http://www.campingosoyoos.com/

    the name is nk mip


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