there. . .and here

So. . .anyways . . .on Friday. . .we kept close to the campground. . .

and it was a good thing we did too.

My beloved caught a baby rattler that was borrowing our beach.

He scooped it up. . using a small stick. .

and popped it in a plastic tumbler. ..

and kept it by popping another plastic tumbler. .

on top.

He let the neighboring camper kids. .

have a look, and was going to let it go up the hill aways. .

but then we decided to take it to the office.

Sure. . .and it's a good thing we did too. .

since we then found out that baby rattlers. .

are the most pugnacious little things.

They bite. . and release their venom. . .but don't let go.

We dropped him into the snake box. . .

where he had company by the big ratter that we had reported earlier in the morning.

Several hours later ..

the most precious feet stepped foot onto our camp.

The lil' farm hand and his mommy and daddy came up to play relay.

The next day .. .we left them with the trailer. . .and once the little guy was napping. . .

(to avoid a bit of sadness). . we drove home.

Father's Day . . .

I followed my beloved around the car show. .

he thought I was taking pictures of cars. . .and trucks. .

but I was taking pictures of him. . .

looking at cars. . .and trucks. .

and enjoyed it very much. . ..

Late afternoon. . .BBQ. . grandgirlie and folks. .

lots of laughing. . .and chasing. . .and hiding. . . and now. .

The day is nearly done. . .

he's happy. . .

I'm happy. . .

back in the bungalow.

All for now. . .


  1. What a wonderful weekend. Man I could not deal with the snakes. I guess you all are used to them. You know how to take care of yourselves. That is a nice mosaic.Blessings

  2. What a wonderful weekend and such a great way to end a vacation. Well, except for the rattler, that is...ugh...shivers!

  3. It's always good to get back home - especially with lovely memories of time together!

    Glad it was such a good time for you all.

    The snakes are scary to me - interesting - but scary! :)

  4. It sounds like you had a great week.
    I had to grin when I read about the car show - that's exactly what The Great Dane did yesterday. He and our daughter enjoyed the vintage car show in Beacon Hill Park while I rode the ferry over to your side of the pond for a week in Abbotsford. What some girls will do to avoid a car show!

  5. Your guy really likes to see all the details on those trucks. Fun times. Glad you are back home with good memories and making more. You noticed I didn't say anything about the things that slither in the grass... :0)

  6. Welcome home...from a 'safe' week of camping in the desert.

    It looks like you both found plenty to keep you occupied with at the car show! Good memories.

  7. Well you sure have had your snake excitement. That's enough for another for awhile....YIKES.
    What a wonderful day in which you all shared the campsite with those favorite little grandkids.
    That's a good ending.

  8. How quickly time goes, and before we know it, we are home. Now, as for your vacation...the rattle snakes just got to me. I am not sure, despite the beauty that you shared, that this place will be on my "must visit" list, especially considering the guy who goes with me on vacations. It would not work.

  9. Great weekend..everyone happy!

  10. CATCHING the snake and sharing it...Mr. T. is officially ready to hang with the best of them in Texas. Has he considered affliating with the snake handling denomination of the south? You know, the believers that stand on the scripture that says you WILL handle venomous snakes and not be bitten (they consider the "will" part to be a command, not an observation.)

    Wonder if that sect has a cooking blog too...

  11. Looks like a mosaic to me...just saying that it would be fun for you to link up to Mosaic Monday at Mary's.

    You enjoyed a wonderful vacation and will now enjoy being home a spell before you head out again. Your beloved sure is brave with the baby rattler business. Oh scary!

  12. glad you've had a good time! We had a wonderful time at church camp and the kids LOVED it! :) Andrew was thrilled to get his envelope in the mail upon return. Thank you so much. That meant a lot to him.

  13. So glad you had a great holiday (despite those rattlers!!) Osoyoos and Oliver, wow - we have such great memories of all those camping trips with you! It's so great that your kids can enjoy your trailer too, we sure enjoyed that privilege too - so much fun...Love, Flo


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