Harrison Hot Springs has . . . .hot springs. .
which translate into therapeutic warm and hot pools.
Last weekend went something like this. . .
  • on Friday Terry and I arrived early. . .about two in the afternoon to relax.
  • we thought this was important since we had no plans to relax once the kids arrived.
  • later in the afternoon . . .our two kids. . .each with a wife. . .and each with one child. . .arrived.
  • we helped schlep in all the stuff. . . and . . .
  • at 6 pm walked to Harrison Burgers. . . .for burgers and fries.
  • at 7 pm we all walked back to Harrison Resort. . .and put on our bathing apparel.
  • had some wee person swimming therapy. . .for an hour. . ..and kissed the wee ones goodnight.
  • went to the big people hot pool. . .and began therapy. . .until 11ish.
  • Terry and I got up early .. .and walked to Miss Margaret's cafe for bagels and coffee.
  • when we got back to our room. ..there were wee faces pressed against our patio door. . .awaiting entrance.
  • went to the pools about 9 ish. . .and swam and enjoyed more therapy. . .until noonish.
  • In the afternoon. . .the wee ones napped. . .and we went to the big people hot pool for additional therapy. . .until napping ceased .. .
  • went to kids pool and enjoyed warm water therapy .. .until about dinner time.
  • went to Harrison Pizza for . . . .pizza.
  • walked back to Harrison resort. . .and had one last dip in the kids warm water therapeutic pool. . .and kissed the wee ones goodnight.
  • went directly for more big people hot water therapy until 11 ish.
  • Terry and I woke up early. . .and went to Miss Margaret's Cafe for bagels and coffee.
  • when we arrived back at our room. ..there were wee faces pasted to the patio doors. . .awaiting entrance.
  • went to the kids pool. . . .for one more therapeutic warm water swim. . . .
  • packed up our stuff. . . and went to Harrison Cafe for . . . lunch.
  • and then. . .we said "so long". . . and the lil' farm hand cried cried. . .
  • and though it twisted my heart ♥ . . .a wee bit . .that was perhaps the best therapy of all.
Every family has to find a tradition that is special and unique and something that will become more and more special as the children grow up.
This is the second year of our one weekend per year. ..
at Harrison Hot Springs Resort. .
I am sure that . . .you've come up with an amazing idea of your own.
Oh and fantastic news. . .
I know you'll roll your eyes at this. .
but tomorrow. .
I have one more Harrison Hot Springs post. .
but I can guarantee it is not what you think.
All for now. .


  1. Oooh...sounds a bit mysterious!

    Aren't traditions and rituals wonderful ... and even a bit calming? How sweet that the little one cried for you. He does love his Grammie!

    (Little Aiden is doing much better as of last our relief!)

  2. If your fantastic news is that you lost another pant size from all that swimming and baby help me better not be that!

  3. That sounds like an inviting times and good memories!

  4. I would need little or no persuasion to make Harrison an annual ritual!

    Hmmm...what could be on tomorrow's agenda? I'll be back!

  5. I love to see families together. They are the fabric of our world. I'll be waiting for tomorrow. Blessings

  6. Sounds and looks like a wonderful time!

  7. A perfect weekend! Looks like a fabulous tradition!

    And you are one hot Grammie Lovella :)

  8. No rolling eyes here . . . We're in this grammiehood together ... just like the brides who talk about nothing but the special day and new moms who tell their labor stories, we have to tell of our new experiences, right? Of Course right! (you do keep it pretty simple in a nice way . . . it's all good)

  9. I grew up in a big family and my memories of our vacations are firmly implanted in my mind. How special that you are creating memories for these little ones, and the big ones. It sure looks like you had a lot of fun. I look forward to your next hotsprings post. My favorite part is the little ones tears when it was all over.

  10. Wonderful tradition! I'm thinking about what kind of tradition I can start... My daughter in law's family has already claimed Disneyland...
    And my nickname was and still is, in certain circles, Sis.

  11. Sounds like a good time..and now you have pictures and memories!
    Hmm, checking in tomorrow...

  12. Hi Lovella - what a wonderful getaway and great memories. I love your bathing suit - you look great! Love, Flo

  13. Love going to Harrison - the last time we were there was for the Sandcastle competition.

  14. I've been to Harrison many times, but do you know, I've never been in the pools? I think that the next time I'm there I'd better persuade the Great Dane to come too so that we can undergo some of that therapy because it looks like a whole lot of fun!

  15. So much fun!!! I'm so glad you got to go.

    And I'm glad Andrew's package arrived! My, that took awhile! You would think it was going to another country or something ;)

  16. I loved reading about your Harrison family traditions. Isn't that just the sort of rhythm that makes melodies in our hearts.


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