Screen shots

Well anyways. .

the moral of the story is. . .

if you don't want your pictures to look as though you have a permanent pink screen window in front of your lens. . .

don't drop the camera.

I didn't do it on purpose mind you. .

but I had been going on and on. . .

how my small pocket camera was a lug to cart around.

All around me it seemed were bloggers. . .

pulling slim, sleek little cameras out of who knows where. .

and I could see that they certainly were easy to conceal.

A few months ago. . .

my mil did a bit of shopping with her "points". . .

and did quite well for herself. .

so. . .I went online. . .and checked to see if I also might do a bit of shopping with points.

There it was. . .

a slim. . .cart along. . .sleek little elph that promised to be easy to conceal. . .

(so as to not alert folks that they may be photoed. . .at a moments notice).

Sure. . .and can't you see the difference?

If you look closely. . .you can see the crack on the big .. brute of a camera. . right close to the body)

It still works. . .sometimes. . .

and I told my beloved. . that he was welcome to take the big lug .. brute of a camera with him on quading outings.

That's just the kind of girl I am.

So .. .now I have my slim sleek concealable. . and my

serious reporting camera. .

just depends who I feel I want to be on any given outing.

If you see me coming with either.. .

you may want to hide behind a tree. .

I am ruthless.

All for now. .


  1. Man that is a difference. What would we do without our cameras? I thought you were gonna suggest a "through the screen," Saturday or Sunday. My bad.

  2. Oh no...sorry about the camera. I too have an awkward-to-lug-around canon and have seriously thought about getting a small point-and-shoot.
    All the best with your new lens :)

  3. I once accidentally dropped my Pentax while handing it off to Doc - it went skidding across the pavement at Disney World...cracked the case, broke the flash...poor camera.

    Your new camera is the exact same one that I just purchased for Laura's birthday last week - actually, it's for Aiden. We weren't getting enough pictures of him!

  4. I worry about people like you! LOL!

    Sorry about dropping the camera...I worry about that one, too. John makes me acutally wear the rope around my neck. Gee, that sounds awful. Anyway, you know what I mean.

  5. But Lovella, think of the extra calories you burn lugging the old one around! Just lifting and snapping shots of the grandbrood kept the upper arms shapely and firm!

    With this lighter weight wonder, you are going to have to do some math, figure what percentage lighter it is than the old one, and either increase your picture taking or your grandbrood by that amount.

    And no shortcuts allowed: do this math yourself without using calculator. It will serve as exercise for your gray matter which is now also 50 years old.

    (The brain cells are the only body cells that are there for your whole life...there are not new cells...which is why we remember stuff "like if it was just yesterday".)

  6. Yep I'm sitting here debating "should I scare everyone at the wedding with my big camera or take my little one in?" Ahh what the heck! Everyone expects people to take photos at a wedding so I'm going to lug my big one in that way they'll concentrate on the Camera and not on what I'm wearing and my roots that are an inch long now and my hair appt isn't until Tuesday in Seattle after the wedding..sigh :0)
    I think you made a great choice for the slim one!

  7. You are going to love your new camera! I have that one as well and it is so awesome...fits in a jean pocket!

  8. On the weekend The Great Dane came home with a gift for me - a teeny tiny camera in the prettiest shade of turquoise - a Cannon SD 1200-IS and I love it! I thought my old one was compact, but this one fits in the palm of me hand. We'll be dangerous!

  9. I love the look of people taking pictures with the "serious reporting" camera! Surely their photos will trun our great - there is such confidence that comes with the whole picture taking... for everyone all around. I wonder if someday I might learn how to use one? I don't get the whole aperture thing and I think you have to understand that. =)
    For now the little point and shoot has to shoot a few more in order to choose what is best and yes it is nice to be able to hide it a little longer and have a bit of a surprise element with it.
    To be honest - knowing what your day holds . . .. I was a wee bit scared when I saw the title of your post . . .

  10. So I should be glad I live so far away?? grin
    I love my slim little camera.

  11. Give me the sleek look anyways.
    At least you have someone who can carry your big brute...
    I agree with Anneliese. I was wondering where you were going with that Screen picture.
    I'm embarrassed to take my big brute because I don't know understand what it's all made to be, except put it on Automatic!!!

    Have a great day and enjoy those shots.

  12. What's a girl to do when the camera breaks?? Of course! Buy a new one!

  13. I know exactly what I am missing! And...I'm thinking we have some spare points as well.

  14. Lovella, I have an older model of that little Canon, and it stays in my purse for those moments when I just HAVE to take a picture of something - or someone. My big clunker is great, and I love taking pictures with it, but that little one is just too much fun!!! Have a great day, Becky G.

  15. Lovella, you crack me up! (pun intended) What a fun post. I look forward to many sleuthing pics on your blog.

  16. I've been thinkin' on a tinier camera....
    Love my mondo biggie version...but the idea of one in the purse...

  17. I have a camera very similar to the canon in your first picture - maybe just a newer model. But I stick it in a sock and it lives safely at the bottom of my purse. :)


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