Years ago. . .when I was learning to do headstands in PE. .

I royally messed up my neck and for years later had the occasional searing nerve pain going down my neck if I turned it slightly wrong.

On Sunday of this last week. . .

after we got home from our fantastic therapeutic water family weekend. . .

I tripped walking up the back steps of our house.

At first .. . I was just embarrassed and quickly did my best to regain my dignity. . .but later in the evening while we were having dinner with friends. . .

I began to feel a stitch on my left flank.

By the next morning. . .

I was heading to my chiropractor. .

and by that evening. . .

I had marginal relief.

On Tuesday morning I begged off having cousin camp and kept it to a one grand grammie day.

We managed .. .him and I. .

I talked to him about owies. . and he offered kisses ..

I suggested to him that he could walk himself. .

and he suggested to me ... .that he liked it on my hip. .

and he smiled and lifted up his little arms .. .

and I caved. .

so . .I carried him .. . just a little.

On Wednesday morning . .

I was convinced that healing had indeed met me in the night. .

and I went off to run errands and came home feeling that my trip was all but forgotten.

In the afternoon .. .

I schlepped some stuff to the trailer for upcoming holidays. .

even though I had a niggling that this was not completely wise. .

but. . hey .. it had to be done. . .so I did it. .

Then I looked at my flower bed and noticing that the grape hyacinth was needing to be cut back .. knelt along the bed with scissors to trim.

When I stood up. . .
(even when you are completely alone. . .on acreage. . . pride will generally keep you from yelping out loud) .. .
I whispered a groan. . .
and hobbled to the house. .
tried to sit. .
tried to lay down. .
and remained standing. .
while sweat began to collect on my brow.
The rest of Wednesday .. .had me pacing in the house. . .
and when Terry came inside. . .
like a good Mennonite woman .. .
I had a farmer sausage on the counter but no pots nor pans which I could not bend to get.
We made dinner together. . .
while I made a mental note to myself to call up my expert cabinet/closet organizer. . .
as the embarrassment of him struggling to free pans and pots from the cabinets left him with no desire to be my sous chef any longer.

I endured a sleepless night. . .
making a mental note of adding a wheelchair accessible toilet to my Christmas list . .
and .. . a safe step walk in tub .. . for my stocking.
While I was making my lists . .I kept glancing at the clock .. .
wondering what time of the night it would be appropriate to waken my hard working husband to have him call an ambulance. I continued to debate this until light dawned.
Once morning finally arrived .. .I stood in the kitchen while my beloved poured me a bowl of cereal to go with the mitt full of pain killers I had prescribed myself.
Driving to the chiropractor again was not an option since searing spasms overtook my body with the slightest turn or bend.
With a heating pad. .
and a ice pack. . .
and a foot stool ..
and my notebook computer ..
I called in a sick day . . .
and stayed put in the living room. .
cooking shows, phone friends and blogging friends my link to the real world.
As I write this a 7 pm on Thursday evening. .
I am one hour into my self prescribed pain killers and feeling very brave ..
sitting very still.
I am wondering about the guests that I invited over for Friday night. .
debating whether to disappoint them with a dis invite ..
or to hope for a miracle overnight. .
The fancy schmancy menu has been replaced with . ..
what can he throw on the grill .. to go with the bag of salad . . .and no knead bread.
I have just done something that I have not done in the last 15 years at least.
I made a grocery list for my beloved and sent him in my stead.
The plan had been that he was going to drive me .. .and go for a bite to eat in town. .
but when we couldn't get me into the car. . .
we brought me back inside. .
for a plate of nachos. .
and now . .
he has left .. .
with the grocery list. .
and I remain .. with my ice pack.
It 's been 28 years since back labor had me in tears . . .
but at least then. . .
there was a good and worthy prize.
I'll keep you posted.
All for now. . .
with love,


  1. Oh it sounds so awful!!! I'm so sorry. I hope you will be feeling better very quickly. I always find it's a desperate situation when I send Michael with the shopping list. For awhile he had to go every week, and he did adapt to it. But it's just not the same as going myself. In Scotland it was terrific because the Wal-mart equivalent had delivery and each week I emailed in my order and voila there it was at my door! :) michael LOVED that. :)

  2. Ow...I was wincing and nearly in tears with you as I read this. I'm praying for healing for you, but the practical* person in me says that if this goes on into the weekend, seek professional help! Take good care of yourself!

    (*We're a medical/dental family...I can't help but recommend seeking professional help - chiro, physician, physical therapist, whatever - rather than self-medicating.)

  3. Girl I can sure empathize with you. I have had those same things. Had to go to hospital in ambulance one time. I had a worker's comp with one back injury and I was allowed to chose a chiro and he did me fine. I had used him a lot. But when I went back to work I had to see a MD to suit them. The MD said he (the chiro) had done a good job and so that is my treatment of choice. I have 6 bulging discs. Since I retired I have not had much trouble. I used to do the same thing. Just one more little task can't hurt. and Then the beast strikes. Blesssings

  4. Oh, Lovella...I am so feeling with you as well. Not sure what I did, but went for a massage two days ago... only to feel worse afterwards. I too have guests coming this weekend to celebrate Father's Day early...going slow today though there's so much to do.
    Hope you feel better soon Lovella. I had to laugh at your toilet comment since those same thoughts have crossed my mind.

  5. Oh my I'm so sorry your back is behaving poorly. It really is debilitating and I hope it gets better soon. Praying for some comfort and ease.

  6. I have also pushed myself when a grandbaby has put up their arms and tell myself well, that this just one more thing wont hurt to do...then I and my poor hubby pay the piper so to speak...cause then he has dble duty!....and I ahve the debilitating pain...do hope you get some relief soon.

  7. Oh sweetie, you need a mama to tuck you up - oh dear you can't lay down - well to hold your hand and put cold cloths on your forehead and sympathize. There is nothing worse than back and neck pain. It does reduce one to tears. I'm praying for you right now and hoping for a speedy recovery.

  8. Oh Lovella...I can almost feel your pain! Let's hope there is light at the end of this tunnel...soon. And here's to a wonderful evening with friends...with or without the food.

  9. Oh, that sounds so bad .. . I'm so sorry and I'll be praying for you today.

  10. Oh dear this sounds awful Lovella. I hope you get relief soon..I am praying for that! I want you to be able to strike off those 'stocking wish list items'..
    Beautiful pics..

  11. Oh you poor thing. Lovella! I certain hope you feel better soon.

  12. Hi Lovella,
    I'm praying for you today!
    With love,
    Debbie M.

  13. I can't imagine what you are going through. I am so sorry. Hopefully, the painkillers will kick in and you will at least be able to visit with your invite guests. So quickly things can change.

  14. I hope you feel better soon. I empathize. Yes, I do know the pain.

    Umm, shall I tell you that The Professor does ALL the grocery shopping around here? No? OK, I won't tell you...

  15. Hello Lovella - I'm so sorry to hear this. There's nothing worse than wanting to do things but being unable because of pain - and this pain sounds terrible. I hope that you will think about letting your friends know what's happened. I'm sure they'll either offer another date, or offer to bring the meal. I don't know about you, but all I'd want is my Great Dane, and ice pack, a heating pad and a girlie movie, as the effort of being hospitable while in pain would be too much. Do let yourself heal.

  16. Hoping you are feeling better! Many are praying for you. That is a wonderful gift having a blog brings.

  17. Oh my goodness. You might be in need of a nurse!!!!! ;)

    Sorry to hear your body is revolting against you. I hope you recover soon....and you can pick up the babes again.


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