out and about from # 197

Morning walk about .. .
yesterday we saw three rattle snakes . . .
but had no camera ..
do you think we could find one today?
Late morning ..
drive about. .
finding a lovely spot high above the valley. .
a baguette .. and some cheese ..
it was the nicest date we've had in ages .. .
The afternoon. . .reading . .and relaxing . . . .
Dinner time. .
beef tenderloins . . .grilled veggies. . .garlic bread .. the menu was set.
A wind storm came over the water ..
and with a BBQ that came with the trailer that promises to blaze . .
but does nothing but blow out ...
dinner was delayed. .
but we cared not a speck ..
What's the rush?. . .he said. . .
and he was right.
All for now. .
with love,


  1. No clock...no schedule to keep...that's relaxation.


  2. Three rattlesnakes??? And your only thought was "where is my camera when I need it?"????

    Wow. You totally could make it in Texas with that kind of thinking. And B. thinks you are his kind of woman now too!

  3. That's the life! Spending time in that kind of desert doesn't look like much of a hardship.

    Lovella...there are pic's of rattlesnakes that you could borrow...I'd stay away.

  4. You want to see the rattlesnakes again? That's one of my little (ok huge) hiking fears here in so. Cal. Your day sounds great. Love the shot of the trailblazer sign with the BBQ.
    Dear and I had a picnic inside the condo in front of the tv last night. A little bread, cheeses, genoa salami, avocado, peaches, and grapes...yummy. Oh I forgot to mention the white sangria.

  5. I'm sure you could sell that mosaic to a travel magazine! It looks like you're having the perfect kind of relaxing holiday that we all dream of.
    Wishing you continued good weather (and don't forget your camera!)

  6. I'm like Judy I would have to let the snakes meander on by. Love it that you are relaxing and having a great time. Blessings

  7. Vacation at it's finest...you have it! It relaxes me just to read your schedule, except the rattlesnake issue...no relaxtion there.

  8. And you are looking forward to finding another snake?? Oh dear..I'd hope not to!
    Other than that your holiday sounds wonderful to me!

  9. Nothing lost on the snake pictures, since I wouldn't want to see one... and hope you don't see any more. Have a wonderful day!

  10. It's so often that way, when you have a photo opp, the camera is elsewhere...
    Keep your loose schedule.
    I love that part of vacation.

  11. Sounds divine...other than the rattler, of course! Enjoy the rest of your time.

  12. It all sounds so relaxing except for those rattlesnakes. That sounds quite hair raising. Keep on having fun, you two! You do inspire me, you know.


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