on the day . . .

I remember exactly where I was with my boyfriend when we heard the news that Elvis Presley had died the summer of '77.

We were stopped at a red light at the intersection in town where the gas station. . . the CIBC bank. . .the little strip mall and old white church meet.

I imagine that I'll always remember yesterday as well.

Two famous people from my era. .

passed into eternity.

The news that Farrah Fawcett died in the morning. . .

was expected for sometime. . .

but Michael Jackson. . .dead at the age of 50. . . .was a bit shocking wasn't it?

I'm 50.

I thought. . .wow . . .you never know. . do you?

I felt a bit sad. .

not for the same reasons that most everyone reporting the death on TV was sad. . .

but sad.

I carried on making my Raspberry Custard Cream Pie. . ..

on the day that Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett met the One who gave them life.

All for now. . .


  1. It is the kind of day most folks will remember what they were doing. So many famous people give so much it must take everything from them. I think, according to what I have been hearing, Michael was a very lonely man. That is sad. Blessings

  2. My thoughts when I heard the news was that I hope they knew Jesus as Savior.

  3. I found it a bit amusing that my children happened to turn the radio on while cleaning up the living room and happened to hear the news -- they had no idea who Michael Jackson was, but they understood helicopter, hospital, not breathing, etc. They were so caught up in it and wanted to hear what happened next. It was so cute, really, just how interested they are in "drama" like that, all the while oblivious to what it meant to everyone else listening.

  4. I'm right with you. It was a moment I will not forget either...like many other moments before this. Like you, I too went on to do the next thing, while my mind was grasping what had happened.

  5. I love that last statement, meeting the one that gave them life. It actually made me pause for a moment and breathe deeply. How powerful those words were!!

  6. I'm conflicted with how I feel about the hoooforall yesterday. A good friend's very private and simple living mother passed away yesterday too. She was a good woman who simply loved her family...was not in the news, had not any fame....and her passing is marked only by the grief of her loved ones....and the step into her Father's home. Makes me wonder....what is the rest of the world thinking?!

  7. I have that kind of memory for when President Kennedy was shot and when Princess Di died and I was watching when Robert Kennedy was shot...so I'll never forget those days.
    Makes me think we all need to be ready to meet our Maker anytime, any day...I'm glad it's something I'm looking forward to with Hope...

  8. Lovella, I was saddened in the same way . . . Two people from our childhood to young adult era. Both very sad deaths . . . and all the fame and money in the world did not stop them from saying goodbye to this world. Will we learn anything from this?
    I had read about Farrah recently and my heart went out in prayer for her. I hope she had the chance to know God's peace before going.
    (I think that was my birthday that Elvis died on that summer day - yesterday I called a friend on her birthday and mentioned the weirdness of Michael J dying on her birthday)

  9. I remeber the day that Elvis died as well. Also Princess Di and now Farrah and Micheal............
    No matter how much fame and how much money, the end result for us all is death and a life well lived with faith in Jesus will determine our eternity.

  10. These passings remind us that life in this world is fleeting. We are all eternal, but where we spend that eternity is a choice for each to make. It was certainly a day for reflection...

  11. I too remember where I was and what I was doing when Elvis died. I was vacuuming when my daughter's friend dropped by and reported the news.
    'We know not when our time is up'..let's be ready.

  12. I had the same thoughts as you, Lovella. And I remember where I was when Kennedy was shot and when I heard that The Challenger had blown up. I hope the two who left our world yesterday were ready.

  13. I read that Farrah had last rites given to her. I wonder how it would feel to know you are dying and have had little relationship with God, and then have such prayers said over you.

    Michael Jackson's childhood face and sweetness seemed so far from the warped face resculpted by human hands. It struck me that all man's attempts to make one's self more beautiful on the outside never is as beautiful as the work that God creates on the inside.
    I do feel so sorry for Michael's young children.

  14. Such short lives and they are snuffed out so fast.
    It's funny how we remember where we were when icons have passed away.
    I remember Princess Diana...
    Have a great weekend.

  15. I felt very sorry for MJ - his life was so unhappy.

    I can remember JF Kennedy's death - I was only 6 yrs old and was at a b-day party. We were playing musical chairs using the radio and the announcement came on. I can remember the mom saying "should we cancel the party?" and my mom saying she didn't think so.

  16. I remember when John Lennon was killed, though I was a bit young for Elvis. JFK Jr. and Princess Diana affected me. My sister and I grew up watching 'Charlie's Angels' and I always had to be Jill Munroe. I pray Farrah new her Heavenly Father.

  17. I feel the same, Lovella. For it is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment. Heb. 9:27

  18. I look at most celebrities as tortured people. I truly think most of them don't know what is in store for them as they enter the world of NO Peace...and distorted realities. It is not for me to judge their spiritual trials and longings...
    My thoughts about the celebrity deaths were similar to Trish's.

    The beginning of our spiritual journey to living in God's Presence can begin before death... underneath our exterior form, we are connected to something so vast and sacred, it can barely be expressed in words. The more I understand this myself, the deeper my sense of Peace.
    Peace to all fellow journeyers.


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