nk'mip #197

On Saturday evening .. .after the outside chores were completed ..

my beloved vacuumed the house. ..so I could leave.

He wondered. .. ."can you do the five hour drive?"

I wondered .. ."how early can you get up?"

I woke up at 4:30. . .and we were on the road by 5:00 AM.

Having no coffee in hand . ..

we pledged to one another ..

that we could make it up the mountain and enjoy some breakfast at Manning Park Resort.

We got there at 7 ish .. and they open on Sundays. . .at 8 ish.

So .. .we drove to Princeton to the A&W to enjoy a hearty and delicious bacon & EGGER.

At their door .. was a sign .. no coffee.

Surely they jest .. .

The girl said .. "oh ..we've had the worst morning .. the coffee maker blew up"

I glanced in the obvious direction and saw the coffee maker appearing unblown. .

but gave her the appropriate sympathizing response.

My beloved. ..ran across to Chevron and came back with two large fairly fresh dark roasts. .

and I ordered up two bacon & EGGERS .

We rode into Osoyoos town ..

which is Canada's very own dessert.

It was still too earlyto claim our campsite .. . so we went to our favorite little store ..

the Home Hardware ..

where instead of purchasing my souvenir at the end of holiday . .

I picked it out first . .

They had an assortment of gravity lounges that I now affectionately call the
Ankle Reducer.

Oh . ..bliss.

My beloved packed my prize out of the store ..

and tucked it safely into the storage compartment of the trailer.

Upon arriving at Nk'mip . . .

we backed into our spot ..

unloaded the Ankle reducer ..

and there I sat . . .

whilst the all important connections were made.

He connected the manly things. .

while I connected my notebook.

Our last camping trip. .

we had cable and wi fi ..

this camping trip. .

we have wi fi . .

and our next planned trip. .

we'll have the mountains and lakes .. .

and I'll not be reporting ..

a thing.

Since I get but one Sabbatical a year. .

I save it. .

and report to you each day this week. .

from #197 . . .

Thank you .. .from the bottom of my heart for covering me in your prayers. .

I'm feeling much better. .

It may be the Ankle Reducer ..

but I rather suspect I've been blessed with healing.

Speaking of prayer . ..

the dessert here has seen no rain in months . .

but as we ate under our awning ..

the rain fell. .

"I prayed for Judy's corn crop" .. .I said. .

I smiled.

All for now . .

with love,


  1. Oh I pray for you to be well while on vacation. You have a wonderful life and you will do fine. Blessings\

  2. glad you are feeling some better. I hope it continues and you have a wonderful week. We are off for a week at church camp.

  3. I was so happy to see that smile on your face as you relaxed on your great new ankle reducer. I'm very glad you're feeling better and able to enjoy your camping trip.Don't overdo!

  4. What a treat to be able to park right by the water. Hope that you have a wonderful time...

  5. That looks like a gorgeous spot - can feel the breeze. I love the idea of an ankle reducer! I hope it contributes to your ongoing healing and that you continue to take things easy.

  6. Somehow you can take any vacation and make it look like so very much fun! I think the ankle reducer will help make everything better, especially sitting by the water on a camping excursion. I know some others who would appreciate your prayers for rain...you have a good connection. Hope every day is relaxing and memory making.

  7. Yes! Prayers do work!

    I love the "ankle reducer" - I have one myself on my lanai...I'm not using it as often as I should these days. Perhaps soon...

    Enjoy your vacation...relax your back...and appreciate that lovely spot you're in.

  8. Ha! looks like the perfect spot for you. I wish they made a body reducer chair that I could just sit in and have the fat melt away :0)
    Glad you got your breakfast and coffee...sheesh some mornings are like that...

  9. And I hope that beautiful view and special time away with your hubby will be all you need to finish off that healing process :)

  10. I'm so glad you're better! Just rest while you're there. You can sit in the AR and blog all you want.

  11. So glad you made it...coffee deprived and all...to that perfect spot on the water. And...so good to hear you are feeling much better! I'm wishing you clear skies in the desert...the clouds can move this way for the week. Thanks for thinking of our corn...as you relaxed in your 'prayer chair'. Have a great day!

  12. Ah, what a relief. Those chairs are wonderful. Don't feel bad, as we have one at our home and everyone fights for it.
    We will continue to pray for your health and enjoy your laptop while you are being served.
    I know the feeling about your coffee..That's too funny.

  13. Lovella, I hope this trip is just what your back needs! Enjoy your time staying put and come back feeling back to normal and refreshed in every way.

  14. ah ha, so that is what that thingamagigger looks like that you were talking about....looks awefully comnfy...;^}. i am grateful that you feel a bit better. i'll keep praying for you till you are all better.
    relax, enjoy. i had to smile that you had no coffee.....especially since i know how much you loooove your coffee....
    can you smell it now. smile.

  15. Goodness me!!!! Look at you there reclining. I hope you enjoy the week and your back behaves. At least Mr T is on his best behaviour and taking good care of you. ...but can he cook??? I just may have to stop by????!!!! Enjoy today. Kathy


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