new but invisible

Do you see my new item for the house?
Look closely. . . .
give up?
I thought so. . .

Fantastic news. . .at precisely 11 am yesterday. . .
Andrew from Phantom Screens came to install my new screen door on my back door.

Do you suppose I could get a free screen for my front door if I sent enough of you .. .
running for the phone?
(don't forget to mention my name when you call. .. )

He set up his work table outside our garage. . .

He seemed somewhat surprised that I was finding him such a photogenic fellow. .
and so I asked him if he minded being on my blog. . .

and of course being the a polite representative of his company. .
he said that would be fine.

. . .and so I clicked away. .
while he worked. . .
and killed a fly or two while he finished.
The moral of the story here. . .
do not buy a fake phantom screen. . .
it will drive me you mad. .
and you'll be calling in the real phantom screen people. . .
in the end.
Tomorrow. . .the afternoon project. . . the one we did ourselves.
All for now. . .


  1. I have never heard of a phantom screen...but...I am imagining it is because you cannot 'see' the screen? I shall have to look it up on the internet!! I would love to have a deck screen door but several ruined screens later...I realize that nope....not while I still have the big shepherd! So...we have learned to swat away and burn mosquito coils and put up wasp catchers...all for the sake of a panting dog! Grin. I'm back to looking up the company. Do you get commission?

  2. No Trish I definately do not get commission. . .they are just getting some free advertising. .
    The screen pulls from the side and slips back in when you don't want to use it. . .leaving the french door clear.

  3. Nice idea. I love the view of your kitchen to the door. Nothing like fixing up to make you feel good. We must let the outside in without all the aggravation of the flying critters.

  4. Good idea! I thought my neighbour lady was leaving her front door wide open...but discovered she had a phontom screen.

    Enjoy the fresh summer breezes...indoors...and be sure too think twice before trying to walk out that door.

  5. I think these phantom screens are genius! Very nice...
    There's only one color approved for our condos :0)

  6. Great idea! I always stop at their booth at the Home Show to admire these. Remember - don't walk through it!

  7. I'd like a door like that but I'm afraid I'd forget it was there and try to walk through it!

  8. I can just imagine the spring breezes and the bird songs coming in through that lovely screen.

    I love your big window over your sink too - when an outer porch was added to the manse where we live now, they walled in the window over the sink. I miss having one. But some day!

  9. I'm sure the screen is a must have where you live, and how nice that it's invisible. You may have to stick something to it for when guests come over - knowing me - I'd walk right into it. I wish they'd come with a sensor that opens them automatically, because usually you have your hands full of dishes or drinks etc.

  10. I've seen their ads in magazines and drooled over them...but there is a strange tendency here in Florida to not hang screen doors of any kind. (Probably since the a/c needs to stay on pretty much year-round.) No problem on the back door, since most homes have a screened lanai (I love it, especially in the mild winter and during lovebug season!). I know you'll enjoy yours!

  11. I was thinking the same thing...hope someone doesn't walk through it...nice though that it doesn't obscure the beauty of the outdoors!

  12. If you are like me, whenever you get something new for the house it is exciting. I can understand why this would thrill you. I must tell you, I really like your kitchen floor, especially with the white cupboards. That dark wood dresses up your rooms beautifully. That guy was probably flattered that you would include him in your blog.

  13. Oh this is just getting weird...we are looking at getting a Phantom screens for our doors. Now I am wondering what else we are both working on in home improvement/maintenance.

    My parent have a Phantom screen and they love it. It is a bit tricky to manage when carrying items to the the patio table. No problem releasing it, but it does seem to take a bit of co-ordination to pull it closed again with one hand.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if all windows could have the same option? I dislike looking throught screens in the winter but don't want to go to the trouble of taking them down and putting them back up later.

    For those who tend to walk thru them: why not use nail polish to paint a little blue bird or flower or something about eye level? Just a thought.

  14. Just like Betty d=said,I would probably WALK TIGHT THROUGH IT!!!!!Interesting blog ...BTW!!!!

  15. I too have never heard of a phantom screen but it looks so nice and sounds like such a nice feature. Enjoy!

  16. Very nice! I think we could use one here.


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