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Happy last day of June!
I had such a great day yesterday.
I might not have looked forward to seeing a teacher while I was in grade school once school was dismissed for the summer. . .
but now. .
I wait for school to be out. . .
to see the teacher.
As I was saying yesterday . . .
my friend who is a Home Economics teacher, is doing homework herself. .
to put to paper . . what she already knows.
On Sunday .. .
she asked me if I would do her a favour. .
"I said. . .what kind of favour?"
She said . .."let me take pictures of you baking."
"How soon can you come .. " I said . .
"Tomorrow morning?" she hoped. . .
My mind was already on Monday. . . I couldn't wait.

We did photo's of sifting dry ingredients. .
and proper measuring techniques ..

We documented .. .the three bowl method of separating eggs.

. . .and we made a well .. .
adding egg yolks and oil to dry ingredients . . .

and finished with the proper technique of beating egg whites.
I was a bit sad when it was over. .
I could have baked with her all day ..
how handy is that to have a personal photographer for the MGCC blog. . .
but alas . .
she had homework to do.
In the afternoon. .
she emailed me the power point for her project . ..
using the pictures she took.
In the evening. .
she brought Ray . . .
we sat in the Arabian tent . .
and we sliced up the cake .
Today . . .
I am sequestering in the office.
I have a shutterfly book project to make for my mom by love's birthday . .
It will be late again Mom . .but at least I've started it before the 4th.
All for now. .


  1. How fun!!! you would be perfect for that!!!

  2. That would be a fun day! I must admit that blogging recipes and food photography has added a new dimension to my cooking and baking that I really enjoy. I tend to be a lot neater during the baking process too - just for the pictures.

    Now I need to google "shutterfly book"

    Have a great day Lovella!

  3. Thanks for sharing. It is always fun to bake with someone to share the experience with. Those egg yolks looked huge. In Illinois I don't think we have those anywhere!

  4. It is good to know you two pals have done what you can to assure future generations of "want to be cooks" get off to a good start.

    Little will they know that they were learning from the best.

  5. It is good to know you two pals have done what you can to assure future generations of "want to be cooks" get off to a good start.

    Little will they know that they were learning from the best.

  6. Well your teacher friend chose the right person. I love those techniques. It's just like I was at MEI under the tutorship of Nora Martens. I understand it all.
    Have fun with Shutterfly. I love it and took my first big book to Europe as a gift. Ouch, I didn't know it would touch their hearts.

  7. What a fun way to spend a day... cooking and friendship!

  8. How fun to cook with a teacher and photographer on site...and share it with the rest of us. I'm sure you have your egg-separating methods down pat...with no shortage of eggs to practise on.

    Have a fun day in the office! I have a few Shutterfly projects...just waiting to happen.

  9. It sounds like you two had a fun "homework" day together!

  10. That is fun to have your own personal photographer! :0)
    She found a great model for her project...

  11. What fun! It's always sort of a bother to have to stop and take pictures . . wouldn't it be nice . . . ?
    Nice to get a refresher course as well. I'm sure I don't do it all according to the book.

  12. Looks like you ladies had a great time together, and your men folk benefited from your test kitchen. Cute skirt! Kathy

  13. Yes! That's just who you need...a personal kitchen photographer. So what grade did you give her on her Powerpoint presentation? Hope that she gets an "A+"!

  14. Oh, what a gorgeous, gorgeous new blog you have. I love it!

    I can see that you did have a very fun day. And really delicious results too.

    Thanks for stopping by...and I would love to see some etiquette posts if you decide to do them! You are so right, we've all lost so many of the finer points these days. We could all use a refresher course I think.

  15. What a fun day with a friend..thanks for sharing it.

  16. That must have been fun. I am enjoying all my little photography projects and setting up things. Thanks for sharing. Blessings


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