long week short weekend

. . . so. . .after all the motor boat practice of the previous week .. .

we came to the long awaited weekend for big and small alike.

The big counted days and were amazed how long the weekdays took to pass. ..

and the small did the wise thing and lived in the moment . . .

not knowing that weekdays should pass quickly.

Being the inviters. . .

we went ahead earlier in the afternoon .. .

while the the big ones finished making money for the week.

We checked in. .

and waited.

We talked about last year when we were the inviters. .

and the small ones had no clue where or why they had come to swim in the large bathtub.

. . Nor did they especially care when it was time to go home and swim in the little bath tub.

. ..while we waited with big people type excitement. . .

we scoped out the celebrity trees .. .


waited for the cell phone to ring .. .

to help schlep stuff from the cars . . .

to the rooms. .

Tomorrow. . . .

more differences from last year to this year .. .

besides the fact that last year we celebrated dampas jubilee ..

and this year. . . on my year of jubilee . .

I let them not forget that it was mine.

All for now . .

with love,

I'm sorry if the pictures do not show. . they sure don't for me either.

I tried for several hours. .

not sure if my computer has it's nose out of joint. .

or my internet provider does.. . .

We'll try again tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful, memories of the big bathtub, which was the country river for my kiddos. They don't care where they are. Isn't it wonderful. If they are happy, you are happy.

  2. I'm sure the big bathtub was quite the hit this year...and I'm sure you will be back again next year (it's how traditions start!). Once your jubilee celebrations are long done...there will be some other reason to celebrate. Then again...who needs a reason to gather the family for a weekend getaway?

    They say 'a picture is worth a thousand words'...so I'll be back to view your pic's once your computer is co-operating.

  3. I'm not sure it's your computer Judy; i can't get any pictures either

  4. Well that sounds like a whole lot of fun! I look forward to seeing the photos once blogger cooperates.

  5. Isn't it a pain when your computer has it's nose out of joint??? You made me smile again. Sounds like you had another fun family time together. I'll try imagining since you don't have pictures. Truly, I know how very frustrating that can be!

  6. I was waiting to comment until I could see the pictures, too...guess I'm not alone.

    It all sounds like fun. I'll check back in later!

  7. Ah Harrison Hotspring... what a wonderful place :) My mom and i go there every spring for a night or two just to sit in the rain in the off season. We bring big cowboy hats and just take in the silence of the mountains and lake and it's wonderful...
    Anyway, sounds like you had a grand time too. Good to see you getting out to relax lovella :)
    ps: i can see pictures

  8. looks very relaxing lovella! I bet the pool was so nice and warm too. Sometimes getting away for just a day or two is the way to go and when you get to spend it with your family it can be pretty fun!


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