Etsy shopping

Some deals are just to precious to pass up.

I was visiting over at Blackberry Rambles. . .Heather has the most darling children that I just imagine to be as sweet as they always look.

She is incredibly crafty and more than once I've been tempted to do the ratio on US vs. Canada dollar. . and see what I could order up. .

Awhile back. . .there was a deal ..

I couldn't let lie.

I ordered from her young lad Andrew. . .

a set of four flowers ..

for 25 cents a piece.

Being a smart shopper. . .when I put in my request. .

I wondered if he might spare a bit of his artwork to boot.

Sure enough. . .he sent some samples of his current projects.

I would say. . .that I got an amazing deal. .

don't you think?

Thank you Andrew. . .I do hope that your payment arrives soon.

In the meantime. . .now that I've seen her son's handiwork. .

I'm going to be keeping a close eye on Heather's etsy shop too. .

I know technique when I see it. .

All for now. .

with love. . .from Mrs. Lovella. . .


  1. How sweet! I'd say you got a great deal! I think Andrew has a lot of talent, too.

  2. Love the note...too precious!

  3. That brought a smile......and memories of my son at that age when little boys are all entrepreneurs.

  4. Sweet, sweet,sweet. I marvel at the kiddos today. So loving and giving. I have several things from my own children that I have kept. Blessings

  5. sweet is that?

    One of these days I will have to go etsy shopping...something I have never done to date. I'm always wondering how the cross-border shipping works.

  6. That's the best gift for a small child, when someone older orders something and actually pays them.
    He will be so delight to receive his money.
    Do you want to buy some paintings????
    Pretty soon we'll have children s blog which know how to generate money....

  7. I'm picturing winter hats and berets with the darling flowers as trim....

  8. Andrew was excited to see your post. :) Thank you for being so kind to him and encouraging his artistic abilities. :)


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