the bed

You would think. . .

that if my job on making the '50 merc into a rod. . .

is documenting the process ..

that I would do my best to keep you abreast of the progress.

I was a wee bit startled to look at the '50 Merc label on my sidebar. . .

noting that the last time I mentioned the old girl was back when she was getting her nether regions painted shiny black.

Since then. . .

throughout the winter and the spring. . .

she's been making progress.

Now. . .keep in mind that my beloved does this in his spare time. . .

and keep in mind. . .

that we have a working farm.

After the frame was painted. .

the motor and gas tank, battery compartment, front end, brakes. .

brake lines, fuel lines, automatic windows, window channels, tail gate mechanisms were all installed. . . . .

and now the bed has been fitted.

I've been called to the shop. . .

many times. . for my opinion. .

"should the two wide boards be on the outside. . .or in the center with one narrower board in between?" . .he asks

I gawk at the box and at the oak boards one way and then the other. . and offer my expert opinion. . ."which way do you like it better?"

"That's what I asked you". . .he replies. .

"I like the way you have it". . .I counter. .

"Uh. . huh. . . . it has a good balance this way doesn't it". . .he agrees.

Next, the boards will be stained . . .dark. . .nearly black .. .I think.

So. . this is how rod building is done here.

He builds. . .and putters. . .and nearly every night. . .when things get dull in the bungalow. .

he says. . ."I'm just going out to the shop for a minute" . .

and I settle down with my notebook to write and read blogs for a good half hour. .

and we're happy as clams. .

Every man. . . and every woman. .

should have a hobby which can be enjoyed by by the other by conversation . .

but doesn't need the other. . to make it enjoyable.

The conversation is pure icing on the cake.

The end of the day, generally finds us meeting in the Arabian Tent for a sip before bedtime.

Next step .. .

is the paint color. . .

and that folks. .

is the hardest decision of all.

What's happening in the bungalow today?

I have a friend who is working on her Home Ec degree. . .

and guess what. . .

she's coming to take pictures of me sifting, beating. . .and folding.

In between all that hard work. .

we'll have tea.

All for now. . .


  1. Now that sounds like fun...hope that she's sharing some photos with us...

    You are an expert communicator as well (I just told someone this last week.) knowing exactly how to help the man in your life make his own decisions. Perfection! He really has done amazing work on his project.

  2. Wow...a new look for your blog! Nice!

    It sounds like things do stay busy, contentedly so, at your place. The Merc is coming right along, too.

  3. YOUR WORDS: "Every man. . . and every woman. . should have a hobby which can be enjoyed by by the other by conversation . . but doesn't need the other. . to make it enjoyable."
    To me, that is pure harmony...
    I do so enjoy your writings. and the Merc, beautiful work. You can tell it is his passion of enjoyment. Can't wait to see more progress... Thanks for sharing....

  4. Love the new look of your blog - the template and the header!

    It looks like the project is coming right interesting. What a great hobby. All the documenting could lead to a very interesting conversational collection ...great pics.

  5. I go away for a few days and come back to find that you've completely redecorated! Your new blog home looks beautiful.
    I had to laugh at your 'opinion' of the boards in the bed - I've been asked my opinion on such matters and my response is nearly always the same as yours. Sensible.

  6. nice new look for you blog lovella.
    the merc is looking great.
    isn't it 'miss ella'

  7. It is rare to find someone with artistic skills, baking skills, writing skills and humor to go with it fit that find. Your newly installed blog header is outstandingly beautiful! I've never seen a raspberry pie look so good. My husband needs to read this post since he is chumping at the bit, to start his own car restoring adventure.

  8. I love your new template. It is totally you. Way to go!
    Looks like his hobby is coming along while both of you are enjoying this time of your life.
    I can see you with your notebook sitting in his shop?
    Enjoy the end results.

  9. Wow! That Merc has come a long way! And you know all the names of the insides and out . . I'm impressed. Love how you describe and both enjoy your hobbies. Growing "middle aged" together . ..

  10. Tell Becky the official slogan of Home Ec:

    Home Economists: More than just a cookie jock.

    And say hi for me too!

  11. The Professor and I try to take interest in each other's hobbies. He certainly knows more about spinning and knitting than most professors around. And we do share hobbies--the current one is biking- riding, not restoring.

  12. I think you would make a good diplomat :)

    I love this quote - "Every man and every woman should have a hobby which can be enjoyed by by the other by conversation, but doesn't need the other to make it enjoyable."

    Blogging for me ~ fishing for him. Photography for us both - I do the taking part and he is great at finding interesting photo ops.

    Love your new banner and blog decor!

  13. That Every man...every woman, is a quote I fully embrace. It is wonderful to sit down and be involved in something knowing you are not being taking time from an encounter that is so important as time with one's spouse. That is truly a blessing. I am thankful HH has his interest.

  14. Good job on updating us on the Merc, Lovella. What a fun project!
    Great new look on the blog too :)

  15. I love your new header and the ribbon effect on the sides. Such talent! You two really do enjoy life on your farm:) Tea with a friend and lending her a helping hand...sweet! Kathy

  16. It's looking mighty pretty over here...quite fitting for Canada Day!

    And it was good to have a progress report on the Merc. I will 'converse' with my hubby about this one...and let him come read your post.


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