Summer together workability test

Sing with me .. .
"Midnight at the oasis. Send your camel to bed....."
On Monday afternoon we did our summer test of together workability.
First .. . .I ironed the instructions like a good little homemaker.

. . .and offered to take pictures of our project while underway .. .
for documentation purposes of course.
. . .and then I called out part numbers. . . while he deciphered the very scant instructions with photos that left a person wondering. . .
(wondering why they wouldn't ask a blogger to make the instruction manual)

. .and then we built tent.

. . .and put up the curtains. . .

. . and when we realized it was already far past dinner hour. . .

. . .I quickly fried up some rollkuchen to eat with a cold watermelon. . .

.. .and we sat until bedtime . ..

. . .and made a mental list of the dinner parties. .
we can't wait to have.
Yesterday was cousin camp. . .they loved the new fort. .
Today is grammie day. . .
and instead of the toddler pool being filled ..
I'll put a pail of water in the beverage cooler tub ..
and sit back and chill.
All for now. . .


  1. You'll love having a shady spot in which to sit and dine or visit or just relax! You two make a great team! Enjoy your Grammie Day!

  2. Oh - that is so lovely. Isn't it great to live outdoors for the summer. Hope your mosquitoes aren't too pesky.

  3. My list of free summer evenings will be arriving in your mail box soon...whatever works for you and your schedule. Seriously, that is a beautiful piece of work, and I know it, along with you and your cooking skills, will produce some memorable dinner parties. I commend both of you on a lovely new addition to your back yard.

  4. that does look lovely.
    so inviting.....;^}
    you really have a very hospitable home....

  5. Oh I do love your new enclosure!! It really defines the space well and is so inviting...

  6. Sweet! Like adding a room to the house isn't it? Without all the contractor trauma.

    Party on people! Party on!

  7. That is just perfect! May you have many wonderful times under your new canopy.

    We're spending more time on the front porch these days.

  8. A great place to have your summer dinner parties..enjoy!

  9. That marquee (sounds better than tent!) will be the star of the summer at your place. I've always admired them - so elegant...a cross between Arabian Nights and British Colonial-tea-on-the-lawn. Have fun!

  10. Love it, love it. Things are looking great around your house. Enjoy.

  11. Those tents are such a great way to literally add a room for the summer! I know you will use it lots. It add such nice ambiance! I hope it comes with mesh drapes too! Knowing your skills - you'll probably find a way to add them.

  12. Hi
    I enjoy your blog and everyday I look forward to reading it! Your home and backyard look great and so warm and inviting. Your patio table looks just like what we are looking for - can I ask where you bought it? Thanks for sharing your life with us and inspiring us to live full lives as well.

  13. HI PR. . .Patio table and chairs were purchased at Sears several years ago.

  14. Very nice...and like I said earlier...things just get happening at your place! Good job...and glad you were there to lend a hand :)

  15. You ironing the instructions nearly put me into a tizzy. Me and my iron have no relationship, guess I am just jealous of yours. ;-)

    Bless you and your new sweet hangout.

    Put a drop of lavender essential oil on...the mosquitoes will stay far away.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  16. Oh it's so beautiful!!! Yes, dinner parties will be so fun inside of that! I guessed you were going to add a little kiddie picnic table, but I think this is really amazing.


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