#197 . . .snake hunting and then some . . .

Last evening .. .
we took a trek up to the vineyard ...
to watch the sun set.
We were feeling rather relieved .. .
no more snake hunting for us. .
we are done with that sport.

Well. . .perhaps feeling as exhilarated as this fellow might be a stretch. . .
and yet ..
I can't think how many times we've gone snake hunting in the last few days. . .
needing one picture to prove we had.
There was much laughter ..
recalling the first sightings ..
who saw it first. .
The first sighting was quite frightful really.
We were walking along a path .. .
that did warn there may be rattlers ..
but we wondered if it was a bit of hoopla ..
for the tourists.
We were walking side by side. .
chatting . .
and suddenly my beloved lifted his left leg rather high . .
and jumped ever so slightly. .
I followed his eyes ..
the rattler was coiled about one foot to the side ..
rattling his little tail.
He uncoiled and snuck between two rocks. .
and we continued up the path.
Fifty feet up the path ..
I saw a little fellow. . .
and grabbed my beloved's arm ..
jumping quite high. .
and he in turn. .
jumped vertically about 3 feet. .
When he saw the little snake . .
yet without his rattle. .
he cautioned me about false reports of real snakes. .
a guy could get a fright . . .
nearly screaming like a school girl.
Of course .. that day we had no camera. .
and have not left the campsite without it since.

You can imagine how hard they are to spot. .

quite good at hiding.

It's all good. .

tomorrow we can report we saw a snake . . .

and have him moved away from the campsite.

I've been amazed really. .
at the beauty of the desert.

It proves again . .
that every thing can be beautiful .. .
when they bloom where they are intended to be.

Even a weed. .
still amazingly gorgeous ..

It's been such a wonderful time away . ..
we've decided we like warm weather camping. .
just fine.
We're missing our little ones . .
and found our way to the shops today.
Last year. .
I was disappointed to see that Roxy and Quicksilver sizes started for toddlers. .
we have those now. .
and bought treats.
It's hard not to make animal sounds .. .

. .both of us . .
looking at each other. . .
knowing how pathetic we are.

Every day . . .
we thought about finishing the merc at home . .
reminders of what fun it will be when she's done next spring. .

I mentioned that when he is finished the merc . .
he will have to find me a . ..
grand getter . . .
something with at least room for three in the back. . .
he wont' be hard to convince. .
he's planning many rides to the DQ. .
picking up a grand on the way.

I'll be keeping my eyes open. ..
and today . ..
we'll not leave the campsite. . .
not far anyways ..
we're expecting visitors. . .
How fun!
Next Monday .. . I'll be back reporting from the bungalow . .
All for now . .


  1. Whew...I'm afraid I'm the one who would be screaming like a schoolgirl if I was startled by a nearby rattler!

    Love the old cars and the old camper!

  2. Loved the pictures, but don't love snakes. I have enjoyed you photo story of your trip. Yes toward the end we get itchy to see loved ones.
    Happy fathers' day weekend.

  3. Wow is it a rule to have a cool old car or one in your garage to camp here. I commend your bravery when it comes to the snakes! I would be in the camper in no time flat unless it was some harmless snake like a King snake...
    Enjoy your day at the site today with friends!

  4. Great camping experience I'd say..

  5. Rattlesnakes?? Can you hear me screaming from across the country? PEI is like Ireland (almost) - no poisonous snakes - we have a few garter snakes for the garden and a pond snake or two to keep the mosquitoes down but I've rarely seen them. They give me the willies.

    Trips to the DQ in an old-fashioned car is my idea of a perfect date :)

    I'm glad you had a relaxing, fun time together. You and Terry are an inspiration.

  6. Your trip pics are just amazing. What a beautiful countryside. But the snakes, okay, I would be so out of there..... Not another step forward after even seeing the sign. By the time I saw 2 of them, I would be hoarse from screaming and my husband would be deaf with a dead arm (that would be me squeezing it too much, hanging on for dear life!)

  7. So there really are rattlesnakes out there! We've been there often...and never yet encountered a rattler.

    How fun to be part of a vintage car camping trip! Looks like a fun week all around.

  8. I'll have to show those photos to the Great Dane - he is a lover of vintage cars and will spend Fathers' Day with our daughter at a vintage car show (I have to admit that I'm glad I won't be called on to go!)
    Watch out for those rattlers and come home safely.

  9. Screamed like a schoolgirl, eh? Well, I would've screamed like a banshee. Those things really are well camouflaged!

  10. Bernie is so happy for you both! Nothing like a good snake sighting to make a walk memorable. Isn't it amazing how fast and high we can still jump? Love the old cars, and the weed/flowers and the quack-quacks.

  11. Well you have my attention now.
    I would be screaming the whole way...I can only see a mouse and I'm gone.
    Isn't it great to have some down time to reflect and dream.
    Funny how you miss those little ones so quickly eh?
    Have fun with your company...

  12. Your photos of the flowers and wildlife are beautiful! The snake . . well the crossing sign is enough for me.

  13. It sounds like you are both having the best time ever...and a whole lot of adventure. Snakes...I would be totally freaked out...I don't know about camping anywhere in the vicinity. Your pictures are amazing..and aside from the snakes, the flowers are beautiful.

  14. It's easy to see that you are thoroughly enjoying yourselves! Rattlesnakes not withstanding.

    About two days before the end of my trips I always say, I'm ready to get home!

  15. I think you need to look for a vintage trailer now. I know you will look forward to your special guests. Kathy

  16. Great pictures, Lovella. I too do NOT like snakes. Glad to see your back healed enough to enjoy the holiday.
    My man would be sooo envious of that lovely 55 chevy hardtop. It is his dream vehicle harking back to our dating days


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