I had taken these pictures a few months ago. .

and had not found a reason to post them. .

except .. .

now this is what my back feels like. .

seized up.

I know that God is teaching me how much I need to appreciate the good health. .

I usually have .. .

and to appreciate. . .the pain the others have. I am thankful.

Yesterday. . .I went to my chiro. . .Terry took me. .

we ended up going in the truck. .

because I could not crouch down to get into the lowered Trailblazer. .

Imagine seeing him give my bottom a boost. .

while I pulled on the "never ever needed as much as now" hand grips.

So. . after the appointment. .. I had considerable less spasms.

I walked the property. . as if I would give birth in the next hour.

Then. . .the nicest thing happened.

Friends of ours. . who we had dis invited. .

called to say they were bringing Chinese.


I got myself into a chair. . and didn't move from 7 until 11.

Earlier in the afternoon . . .I had. . in one of my more flexible moments. .

mixed up a batch of dough that you can find today on the MGCC.

Easy peasy. . if a girl with back spasms can do it. . so can you.

My beloved and my girlfriends husband. .

offered to put the dough on pans for shortcake.


I told them what to turn the oven to. . .and told them to shape the dough. . however they saw fit.

They "sugared" the berries and whipped some cream.

The presentation was awesome. ..

and since I was the girl with issues. .

they offered the shortcakes and the berries and the whipped cream to me first.

They began to plate theirs while I took a taste.

I allowed my tongue to taste one berry. . (even though it is dreadfully rude for the hostess to start eating dessert before the guests have their dessert on their plate).

I said. . ."STOP"

"you used salt. . .instead of sugar"

They did. . .poor fellas.

Fortunately. . my beloved had picked up the large container of Strawberries from the stand down the road. .

Fortunately .. .I had put. . a 1 litre of whipping cream on the grocery list that I had sent with my beloved the night before.

Fortunately. . .I had taken only one half of the massive shortcakes they had offered me.

So. . it was all good.

They went back to the kitchen. . and sliced more berries. .

and whipped more cream. . .

and used sugar.

My back did not seem to have proper appreciation for the 7 - 11 sit.

My beloved is gathering the eggs. .

and when he is done. .

he'll hoist me once again in the truck. .

and take me to the chiro once more.

. . . .

later in the afternoon ..

I went and saw Dr. Tony .. and had a very thorough spinal adjustment . .

Oh . ..a wee bit of relief is so appreciated.

so .. . .one day at a time ..

When I can bend and wash my floors and clean the bathroom. .

I'll be one happy girl.

All for now. .


  1. I'm SO sorry your back pain is not letting up! It sounds very, very painful. Nice comic relief with the strawberries. :)

    We had friends for dinner last night and soon after their arrival their little daughter fell down our stairs and severely broke her arm. It was just awful -- out of place, etc. So, dinner was cancelled and they spent the evening in the ER. She is doing better today but of course will be having a cast for a number of weeks. Not exactly what we had planned..... And then when I got home at 10:30 from taking their car back, etc. I remembered I still had 10 pounds of strawberries to freeze. :) At least it didn't take too long.

  2. Poor you! Please take care of yourself on your trip. NO lifting!

  3. I'm sorry things have seized up again! Ouch. I hope your muscles relax soon. Osooyos is where friends of ours have a family reunion every Memorial Day Weekend...

  4. Lovella, I have a long history of back problems. Sitting was always a no no for me when I had an upset. Lying flat with pillows under the knees is my rehabing position with ice then heat etc. I broke my back when I was 3 months into nursing school at age 43. No sitting for 2 weeks. Walking, lying flat was all I could do. I slept on floor for 2 weeks, rode to school in the back seat of the car. The school had a stool for me in lectures to prop me up, a key to the elevator . I was back to school in 7 days with those helps. 30 years later I still use those hints when back acts up. Please follow up with your chiro and learn some quick prevention hints. Blessings

  5. Now that is an evening you won't be forgetting anytime soon! Strawberries well seasoned...and a back that is seizing...and friends that are catering...make for a most memorable evening. May your back beging behaving real soon...and may your vacation be pain-free!

  6. Back pain is awful - like you don't know that already. Praying that you experience considerable relief very soon.

    On the verge of delicousness - how great that there was lots of berries and cream to 'redo'.

    Hmmm....about the salt instead of sugar. I suspect it was an intentional move to highlight the obvious - you just can't be replaced.

  7. Oh, I was so praying and hoping that today would find you in less pain.

    It was so nice of everyone to pitch in to help with dinner, dessert, and a funny incident for entertainment. I'm not sure if laughter would help or hurt a seizing back, but hopefully it gave you a small distraction from the pain.

    I do hope you're able to enjoy your trip!

  8. Lovella, I hope it doesn't hurt you to laugh! This was such a (painfully) funny post. We all have our stories of 'new bride' cooking accidents - this was a first!
    Get well soon.......and take it easy until you do!

  9. Sorry you are still in pain Lovella. Glad you got to have a little laugh with the salt episode. Is your Dr. Tony Ward? I have a funny story if it is the same one. I won't go into detail here but maybe I will send you a message on Facebook. It will give you something else to chuckle about.

  10. Its late, and I have had two very wonderful days of celebration. The salt/sugar incident was very laughable, and memorable! Thanks for being the ever gracious hostess, even from your rather frozen position! I'll be praying for you as you rest!

  11. Delighted to meet you ... found you through a friend. My sweet one, I understand the back pain, the difficulties of having to sit when you want to be serving. I dealt with psyatic pain when we were first married, yucky, and I had to learn to let my hubby serve me in every way. Such a beautiful picture of God taking care of me when I cannot take care of myself.

    Thanks for sharing today, you splashed my day!

    Blessings from Costa Rica,
    Sarah Dawn

  12. I have never experienced excruciating back pain, so it is difficult for me to imagine what you are going through. Aren't you thankful for the people God has in your life to help, to share and to bless you at a time like this? Isn't it so amazing how two white grainy substances can make such a huge difference in taste, as salt and sugar? Sure hope this week finds you feeling better.

  13. Hope you are on the road to a vacation all better! And now that I know how happy it makes you to do floors...someday...when you know...the mop will be right next to the guest bed!

  14. Lovella, I am so sorry to read that you are dealing with this. Did the adjustments help? I have such trouble with sciatica is that what you're dealing with? I use a ice pack on my back when it starts kicking. Hope that your chiroman puts you back together again stat. Glad that your humor is still crackerjack!

  15. Oh no! I am sorry that your back is giving you such a trouble. Do take care because if not looked after well, it can become an ongoing "thorn". So funny about the salt on berries...a story to remember.


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