You are My All in All

Praise Baby Videos are our current settling time for naps. . .
Though the pictures and the voices are different. in this clip .
The lyrics and the melody remain the same.
As I watched the wee ones sit quietly. . .
watching and listening. . .
I had a few tears trickling down my cheeks. .

Yes Lord. . you the the treasure that I seek. .
You are my all in all. .
OH yes. . I'd be a fool to give you up. .
Jesus. . you are the Lamb of God. . worthy is your name . .

Passover begins today. .and as a follower of Jesus. . .I am in awe that He came to be the sacrificial lamb for me. . and you. . and for our children. . . and their children.

I invite you to listen to the video clip. . and allow Christ to touch a part of your heart that only he can reach .. .

The wee ones are here. . .it's a grammie day. .
All for now. ..with love,


  1. This morning reading the news I said to B. "If we are not a Christian nation, as our President has proclaimed, then it won't be long until we are without His protection and grace." Our electrical grids have been infiltrated by China and Russia, and the lists of our vulnerabilities go on and on. Indeed, what fools we would be to abandon seeking God and His Salvation.

  2. The Passover Lamb. We have so much to worship our King for! Blessings on you and yours Lovella!

  3. He is my All in All...and my prayer is that I will always seek Him above all else!

    Praise Baby videos? I need to check those out.

  4. Amen to what Jill said.

    When I look at our little ones, I am so thankful for God's Grace! He is my All in All...the One I seek...the One I rely on...the One I praise.

    As dire as the news is and is becoming, we know that He will always be right matter what.

  5. I am singing and praising along with you and the lovely video. Thanks Lovella!

  6. Those Prasie Baby videos are so calming and I love how they focus your attention on our Lord and Savior. Great for Mommies and Babies. I remember Natalie wouldn't eat her breakfast before I turned it on.

  7. Moving and Reflective Lovella.
    How beautiful to bring up our grands in some a beautiful environment of music.
    I have a cd player in my kids room, and that's how they fall asleep.
    Only Jesus can be our all in All.

  8. What a nice way for your grands to settle into nap time. I could settle into nap time quite well that way myself. Your grands are so blessed to have you for their grandmother. Bet that you stand in the gap often for their parents on a number of levels. Nothing like a grandparent who has a godly influence on the grands.

  9. A wonderful song of worship!

  10. Thank you --- that song always blesses. I'm glad you posted it.

    I hope you had a wonderful day at 'cousins camp'.



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