Window cleaning

Far be it from me to claim the job well done. .

that would be my beloved. .

Saturday morning we were relaxing over a cup of coffee when. . .

suddenly .. .yes suddenly. . he spotted the. . .spotted windows.

I knew then that by the end of the day. . they would be spotted no longer.

I also knew that my job. . .the blinds would be cleaned in conjunction with the windows.

Having a one level bungalow certainly has its advantages. . .

cleaning windows can be done safely. . .

and if you have two levels in the front. . and three in the back. .

like some people I love very very much. .

call a window washer. .

Otherwise. .for the windows that are easily reached. .

try this recipe

Window washing solution

2 cups water

1/4 teaspoon dish soap (this gets rid of the wax buildup from commercial cleaners)

1/4 cup vinegar

Combine these items in a clean spray bottle.

Use a sponge mop or as we have. . .a fluffy mop. . to suds the cleanser around.

and squeegee. . it all dry. .

use a piece of paper towels to clean the window sill while you are at it. .

and then. . .

you can take pictures out of the window. .

while they least expect it. .

stay tuned.

All for now. . .with love,


  1. Read this recipe in a magazine a few years ago. You are right, it works like a charm. I have spray bottles of this mixture in my kitchen and bathrooms. Lucky for you, you now can face Monday morning with windows that sparkle.

  2. We just went through this a week ago. Ugh. I hate washing windows. For some crazy reason, the new Pellas have a blue haze that appears no matter how much washing. I will definitely try your recipe!

  3. or...,you can use a Norwex window cloth and the job is simple and easy and the windows are perfect - no streaks!

  4. Water, vinegar and a touch of dish soap...that's my solution as well. I'm just glad you gave the exact 'recipe'...since mine is never the same from one time to the next. Enjoy the view!

  5. Thanks for the recipe. I'll give it to the window cleaner that I call this summer for the 3 story windows
    :0) Enjoy your sparkly windows!

  6. Thanks for the recipe! My windows need cleaning but I've decided to wait until the demo and reno work is finished...we have dust flying everywhere!

    This is a one-level house, but because the windows are so tall (and I'm not) I think I'll hire a pro.

  7. I apprecaite getting an actual recipe - I've used the combination often, but it's never the same twice so that sometimes it's more effective than other times.
    Right now the sun is shinging on the somewhat spotty dining room windows - but they'll have to wait for a few's not likely that The Great Dane will notice!

  8. I love your recipe...An old favorite and I bet it is in the Mennonite Treasury. Maybe you want to think about posting it....but find a new title.
    Would you like to come do my inside windows? They have little finger prints everywhere.

  9. i saving my self from cleaning the windows...since we are replacing most of them this year...but when the new ones come, they will need more than a spit a polish and this looks like a good green enviromentally friendly way to do it.
    wanna come help?:-}....puleez

  10. That solution is the best! We've had our windows washed when we've had the house power washed -gutters cleaned etc. and I got that recipe from a professional. Ever since I saw how the squeegee worked so well, I use that too. I used to use old cotton diapers or towels and was alwasy frustrated - but no more! I do wish that all of our windows were easier to reach - third story gets rather neglected.
    Oh, but I'm enjoying your clean windows for you too!

  11. Well.. I've got the two levels now.. down from three! so... are you available for hire ?? seems there is already a line-up!!smile...
    We cleaned our windows a few weeks ago ..but then came Mr. Robin knocking ... and they have needed cleaning again, and again!

    I bought one of those micro-fibre cloths for windows.. and the cloth with just water does a better streak-free job than the solution!

    One tip about the solution - you can't clean a window with the sun shining on it.. it dries too fast.

  12. I'm with Julie..the microfiber are great! But now matter how you get them, clean windows are always an "upper" for me.

    I've just learned that SLC gets "dirty" rain, rain that has dust clouds embedded. My windows look like someone threw milk at them. Ewww.

  13. I am awful at window cleaning. I have tried so many ways, I just am lousy at it.

    Trying not to envy your sparkling windows, ...trying, trying..

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  14. The windows at Willow's Cottage NEED to be cleaned, but that will have to wait until the end of the week and my day off.

    I am glad to know, Lovella, that I am not the only person who reads and tries to make sense of word verifications. Like this one: hamoi, is that a place in Vietnam, too?

    According to his mama, The New Boy seems to be feeling better. I was amazed when I took a good look at that photo--he reminds me of baby pictures of his great grandpa!

  15. ..a cute post....I've never tried that magic combination. Grin. But then....this is a home where the other german (the Shepherd) pants against the window, adding his own mix and sometimes licking off any residue of cleaning fluid that he can is that for 'appealing'....grin

  16. Thanks for the recipe...

    Stay Cozy, Carrie


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