Wednesday afternoon

Two PM Wednesday afternoon. . .

The lil' farm hand has snuggled down with the white soft cotton blankie that his .. .

great great great Oma crocheted the edges on. . .

When teething molars. . .we need all the comfort we can get.

The morning nap didn't quite happen. .

he yawned and preferred me to carry around his twenty three or so pounds. .

and I did. . .

For lunch I warmed us all a bowl of homemade green bean soup. .

he ate like a trucker. .

I gave him a Zwieback. . .

he ate like a trucker. .

The roofers have just arrived. .

they are here giving us some estimates on having the bungalow reroofed. .

I can hear them stomping around up there like elephants. .

back and forth. .

So far so good. . .

the room next to me remains quiet as a mouse. .

I best get moving though. . .

I have a list I want to accomplish before napping is done.

PS. . I love spring. . .can you tell?

All for now. . .with love,


  1. Twenty-three pounds? You'll develop those arm muscles (and possibly hurt your back) carrying his precious weight around like that!

    Roofers? You just couldn't stay out of the renovation party that's going on, could you? When we had one of our houses reroofed, I quickly learned that staying home and listening to all that noise was not an option...I found someplace else to go for those two days.

  2. If the lil' farmhand is eating like a trucker, you're going to have muscles like a trucker. ;> Apparently, you've worn him out if he can sleep through stomping on the roof. May you get a good estimate and an excellent roofing job!

  3. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. Our youngest grandchild is just at the stage where the need for morning naps is changing. I don't know how our d-i-l carries his 28+lbs. frame around. When we visited them I let hubby carry him around.

  4. Roofing and grandbabies - what a combination. We put a new roof on last summer and were so relieved to have it in place before the long and snowy winter.
    We'll be babysitting this weekend and I expect to do more chasing than carrying - I'm counting on burning off some calories!

  5. Oh those tiny little ones. We can't wait till they go down, just so you can quickly run to the computer, and before you know it...they are up again, eating, schlimming, playing and you wonder what you did in your quiet time.
    Spring is fantastic!

  6. Glad to hear you've introduced the little trucker to green bean soup and zwiebacks.

    We carried little Miss Maelyn around the other evening...and wondered how mommy does that all the time. I think it was easier...back in the day!

    I like your fancy-schmancy new signature.

  7. Ahh, the little farm hand is getting some molars. Our little Hope (niece) is getting hers too at 15 months...
    Love the Spring shots, beautiful!

  8. Your posts so often just give me a little giggle!

  9. Such lovely pictures of spring! Your little guy is 23 pounds already, eh? Poor David weighed in at 26.7 pounds yesterday and he is nearly 3. I guess he is slight of build. :)Oh well -- less aching muscles on my part. :)

  10. You make reading your blog so much fun. I love the way you express what you want to say. Your photography is always outstanding, too. One of my little ones just reached 21 pounds. Wonderful stage.

  11. Teething is always a hard time. After the molars arrive, he'll be eating MORE than a trucker!

  12. Thank you for your bit of encouragement. I do enjoy experimenting and creating, and yes, that does get me in trouble sometimes. I liked your comment, and I am realizing over time, that you do have a great sense of humor. Lucky you. See you in a little while.


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