tummy shot

Laying on my tummy taking pictures on the sidewalk proved to be a odorous occasion.

The farmer/gardener had been there tossing bits of "natural" fertilizer fresh from the barn.

I knew this. . .

because earlier in the day. . .

I was spying.. . .

through my spotless windows.

Quite frankly . .. (still thinking about our discussion yesterday. . .the rules regarding people that don't live in our bungalow per se . .but spend enough time here to make a significant dent in our grocery bill). . .

I was thinking. . that one of these days. . .I'm going to nonchalantly ask them to line up outside in the back yard. . .and then whilst they least expect it. .

snap (at lightening speed). . .a pile of photos. . .

through the spotless windows. .

and post them. . . . for your amusement.

The idea. . .just cracks me up. .

Today is Cousin Camp. .

and I'm pretty sure I'll be saying. .

"no no no. . .stay out of the garden .. that's buckey" ..

(roughly translated. . stinky or dirty. .or both)

..and then I'll tell them why. . ."Dampa" . . I'll say. . .

and at the name they love to hear. . .

they'll head off in the general direction of where "Dampa" is most often located.

All for now. . .with love,


  1. This made me smile! Have a fun day!

  2. 'Round these parts we say "ka ka", meaning icky, or bad, or don't pick your nose!
    I have often done tummy shots, but no ka ka was involved!

  3. My neighbor lady on the farm, has the most gorgeous roses... she claims the manure is the reason. So, you can expect an outstanding group of flower beds. I am still smiling at the thought of you laying near them to take the photos. I feel honored that you went to such great lengths to share with us. That arch is beautiful! I will be waiting for the outdoor photos of your family. Good luck with that!

  4. Your yard is looking so springy!! hmmm "put a significant dent in your food bill" that's cracking me up cuz it is so darn true with those sweet adult children... :0)

  5. I had to laugh! The other day Son and Heir called to say they'd all be over on Saturday to 'help Dad with the fencing'. What I actually heard was "They'll all be over to play in the backyard, eat a huge Nana-prepared lunch, nap (wee ones) and visit (DIL)" Don't you love it!!!

  6. I just learned that the polite term for chicken droppings is "litter."

    Wonder if calling it that would make it smell a little better?

    Your garden is gorgeous, and you cooking so great no wonder folks line up for feeding all the time!

  7. Oh I love to hear the language of little ones.

    Just as I suspected...your darling has ready access to "the gold" that creates such beautiful blossoms.

    As for the photos...it's the least that your sweets can do for all the viddles. =>

  8. Bucky, Bucky....bring it on Lovella, put their boots on and plastic pants and away they go..
    I can't find those pants anymore.
    I have the same thing at my house...tonight again. What else do they do, because they only have jobs from 8-3.....But we love it and we all cheer on...It does not stop.
    My kids not planted a garden at our house. Why does dad need such a big shop? Uh Ha.
    Take more date nights.

  9. The 'dampa' over here is still planning to bring some 'litter' for my beds. (Litter sounds far too polite for the stuff that I see being shovelled.)

    I'm hoping your kids don't read you blog...and one of these days you will catch them unawares in the garden. We'll wait for the pic's to be posted!

  10. The things we do and smell for a photo!

  11. sounds like a fun day with dampa and bucky. your flower bed look amazing. i am a bit envious because after our reno we have seemed to run out of steam and our landscaping, well, let's just say i won't be taking pictures of it. Have fun with the grandkids.

  12. Ohh .. giggle.. I'll be watching for those sneaked photo shots !!
    and your 'tummy shots' were great! How's the 'fragrance' in your nose - I hope you held your breath!! smile

    I'm always happy when you announce 'cousin camp'.. I can almost hear the sweet baby laughter from here !!!

  13. I've been taking some tummy shots too - and was only worrying about someone catching me doing it.

    Last fall I bought a variety of bulbs and forgot the names - just planted them. I've been wondering about one that is just now sprouting. The greenery looks like those blue flowers of yours. I hope that's what they are - because they are beautiful!

  14. It's been a few days since I stopped by...and so I enjoyed the ongoing story, beginning with the once spotted windows, of your last 3 posts!

    Your garden is looking lovely, even if it does not smell so good close up! The window is indeed spotless.

  15. Boy, you just never know when you will need those clean windows, do you?
    In regards to grocery bill... I havent' noticed a significant change since our youngest got married. They have to move out of country for you to notice that. Oh, and then you buy their groceries when you visit and it all evens out. Oh, but we love it, dont' we?

  16. Lucky only the garden is "odoress!" I think I live in a whole community that is "high" on fuel....yup, between the seasons, the cycle of cleaning out..and out...and out... all in the interest of natural recycling and the growth industry, be it food, kids, garden, chickens, etc. I say....its worth a lot of pictures...do you think there really is a role reversal in old age?


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