Imagine. . .the smile on my face. .

sitting on my lawn chair with a nice cup of coffee. .

with no concern of the lil' farm hand running off. .

Oh . . . oh. . .he's smarter than I gave him credit for. .

imagine me now. . .getting out of my chair. .

and now. . .you know what today is. .

All for now. . .with love,


  1. Chasing after little ones...a great way to stay in shape!

  2. i agree....(who needs those stairs)
    i love the picutes of your past post, what a beautiful wittnes of Go's marvelous creations

  3. i really should wear my glasses, oi weh....sigh, sorry for the typos i wasn't ready to send it i guess i pressed something when i zigged instead of zagged.
    oh well
    have a great grammie day.
    get that batch of cinnimon buns hear, let's see who will get the first batch is on the rise already)tee hee

  4. He really is a little smartie...getting to be a "big boy" with places to go and things to do!

  5. Enjoy your 'grammie day'...and may you have time for a cup of coffee!

  6. It sounds as though that cup of coffee might have needed heating up - more than once!
    I thought you might like to know that I went to Fort Langley on Sunday afternoon and visited an interesting shop (I think it was called The White House) at the back of which was Tracey Cakes. 'Aha', I thought,'I know this from Lovella's blog!'Well, I guess there must be two Tracey Cakes, but this one had some delicious treats!

  7. Oh ! you hadn't figured that one out yet ?? the wee ones can outsmart us old ones pretty easy .. we have to keep sharp wits about us !! giggle..
    Have a wonderful day !!
    and somehow I missed your Traipsing and Thinking post... beautiful photos and inisghtful thoughts... thoughtful post !!

  8. Ha! A little escape artist! Well done little farm hand. Have fun Lovella...

  9. I loved seeing the lil farmhand doing his little escape act!
    Enjoy your day Lovella..I'm off to do a little garden clean up.
    I'm wondering..have you baked with fresh rhubarb this spring?

  10. It's good to see that he's using his brain. Good thing, too, that Grammie has raised boys and has gone through this before, right?

  11. They learn oh, so quick.
    Trapped? No my little boys.
    I wish we had something on our tramp, but I sit on the chair and bounce with them.
    It's good core exercise Lovella, and you could balance your coffee in the other hand....

  12. Well shoot! I can just imagine how happy I'd be if I the little ones were completely happy with that arrangement. LOL! He's keeping you young and fit, Lovella!


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