traipsing and thinking

I was thinking as I traipsed around the farm. .

capturing the details of spring. .

that the tiny details are most impressive to me.

The ruffled white edge on the grape hyacinth is perfect. . .on every little "grape".

The Purple Magnolia. .is slowly emerging from it's winter fur coat. .

how fun is that?

Even the purple lilac. . .still quite tentative at this point. .

has all its blooms. . .ready to release.

The plum tree. . .has a steady stream of visitors. . . .

offering up some real nectar. . (as opposed to the sugar water I'm feeding my hummers)

Every year I am amazed. . at the renewal process that God created.

God who made this much beauty for our enjoyment. .

surely can make something beautiful out of each one of us. . .

I'm a little excited. . .and a little fearful. . .

but my life is in the hands of the master creator...

When I look back at my life ten years from now. . .

oh goodness. . will I see something of beauty and contentment created of my character. . .

or something of bitterness and discontentment ?

Time will tell. . . it always does.

All for now. . .with love.


  1. Bitterness? I suppose it could happen, but it seems so unlikely in your case. Why? Because you have such a grateful heart and you tuck in close to the Lord.

    Loved seeing all the buds and blossoms and most especially the magnolia slipping from that fur coat. We don't have those here.

  2. Definately praying for the beauty and contentment part!! :0)
    Beautiful photos Lovella!

  3. You're such a thoughtful, caring, loving person, Lovella, that I, too, believe you will look back on your life with contentment. You have a gift for seeing and capturing and expressing the beauty that is all around us - one of God's wonderful gifts to us.

  4. We're human, so there will always be some of the bitterness - the challenge is to do as you seem to do, and look for the beauty, the gifts in everyone and everything.
    Gorgeous photos.

  5. Well, you just keep right on traipsing...and sharing your lovely photos with us...and looking for the beauty in every circumstance. I'm thinking it is contentment that lies at the end of that pathway...not bitterness.

  6. I love your up close shots! Spring is so beautiful and exciting. I thought of you last week while I was planting peonies -- 9 bushes! (Well, most of them are just roots right now). I'm planting in hope and faith -- Emily wants them for her wedding. As of yet, there are no suitable men whatsoever on the horizon, but we figure we better plant the peonies and keep praying. :)

  7. What beautiful shots you got there to remind us of God's handiwork! Precious thoughts too, about allowing Him to create in us. Thank you.

  8. I've been doing a lot of that lately also, Lovella.
    I'm not sure what it is in me...maybe a bit of restlessness, I'm not sure, but I love taking pictures of new life.
    I think you are using your SLR.
    I've been working with one and it's fun, but challenging.

  9. Beautiful words, great images. I'm so glad I came to visit.

  10. Your blog is amazing!!!! So gorgeous! And I'm in awe of your photography! Brilliant...I LOVE the words you have put to the photos as well...we do indeed have so much to be thankful for...thanks for giving me a great big grin...Blessings to you, and congrats on POTD! ~Janine

  11. what wonderful closeups! congrats on POTD

  12. Where I am called to serve right now has allowed me to see beauty in new areas of life...evev though the circumstances are anything but beautiful at all times. I am seeing grace, acceptance, forgiveness, sevanthood, uniqueness in relationships... and I know God is shaping my character to be more as He wants it to be. The photos you catured are amazing! Kathy

  13. Your photos are beautiful and you know I love the little details you notice, like the white ruffles on the hyacinth! Yes, beauty is all around us...keep on looking for that and you will always feel grateful!


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