tip toe

On occasion. . .

when I see my beloved coming to the house. .

and the wee ones have just settled for a nap. .

I run to the door. .

with a very quiet. . .

but very obvious. .


Oh I love this sign seen outside a children's boutique. .

they have obviously put a child down for a nap. . .

once or twice. .

Can you relate?

Today is DATE day .. woo hoo. .

we're going hunting for potential camping spots. . close to home. .

All for now. . .with love,


  1. That blackboard is a great idea when you have little nappers in the house.

    Enjoy your date day!

  2. Ohh .. have fun today!
    I love the black board- that is soo sweet!

    OHH! my word verification is thedste -- soo close! smile

  3. That is a wonderful idea...tip toe through the tulips...

    Enjoy your date day and find yourselves a wonderful camping spot.

  4. Oh that sounds like a fun adventure! Enjoy. Love the Tip Toe!

  5. That is cute! All they need is Tiny Tim singing - softly of course :)

    Have fun on your date.

  6. Oh what a beautiful day to do that! And you won't need to tip toe - enjoy it!

  7. Tip toe through the tulips with Tiny Tim! We are dating ourselves aren't we...but it's very cute!

  8. Have a fun day scouting for campsites...and may it not rain on your date (it's raining out here in the eastern valley this morning).

    We're off to tip-toe through our local tulips later today.

  9. Love the chalkboard --- great idea! And how wonderful to have a date night in the middle of the week! Have a wonderful time!


  10. Or maybe it means 'Tip toe through the tulips...'

  11. I love to hear that couple's like the two of you are having date nights. Of course, the two of you spent lots of quality time together on the Oregon Coast, so date nights are nothing new to you. As for the chalkboard...great idea! Let everyone know before they enter the house, so the nappers can stay sleeping.

  12. What a cute sign!
    I hope you find some perfect spots for local camping in your playhouse - sunshine or shower, it looks like a fun place to be.

  13. Very cute sign! What a great date idea...lots of adventure to be had in our own neighborhood I am sure!

  14. There is never enough time for romance my friend....Why does that seem to fade away to quick?
    Responsibilities never die down.

    I better sign off and see what I can do about that.....


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