sunset and senior shopping

We commented that this sunset was not unlike the sunsets that we enjoyed in Maui last year. .watching for whales .. and eating dinner while the sunsets. ..

However . .I have realized that the difference I enjoy about "tropical" vacations in winter . .is the clothing .. .less of it .. I've been more bundled up than usual this vacation .. but it's been an adventure.

A good adventure. .

Speaking of clothing. . Shopping this last year has taken on a whole different emphasis .. We used to spend hours running back and forth from one surf shop to the other to find perfect hoodies .. and shorts and now. . .let's just say we've figured out where the hugs come from.

Yesterday morning we had a call from one of our wee ones. . .made us want to pack our house up and rush home .. but alas. . Even though I was certain I heard. . ."I love you Grammie .. come home quick" .. it could have meant something else entirely .. .so we shopped instead.

Our sons were raised in good sturdy Dr. Denton pajamas .. .they had not a large selection of colors. .the ones I purchased were light blue. .and they lasted through two strapping lads .. .but now. . oh the selection .. and wouldn't it make a bit of sense then to snap up pajamas that have a short option. I thought so to.

OH . .and fantastic news. .I was paying for a purchase today .. and the clerk said. .

"are you shopping with anyone 50 years or older?"

I said .. ."I am 5o years or older .. (didn't bother to explain my year of jubilee to her). .and I rushed to show her my ID. .with pride. .

And she said . .."well then you get an additional 10 % discount". . .I was delighted. . my first senior citizen discount.. . I wanted to document it.

. ..later on we were making a purchase in a "younger" persons store . .that has the most unique fragrance . . (I always wonder . .do they spray that when we aren't looking to draw us in? .. .well no matter. . .I asked the youngster at the till whether they gave discounts for people over 50 and she looked at me as if I was daft .. .I kindly explained to her that the store next door was offering discounts to their senior citizen shoppers. . and she said . ."oh .. that is why I keep getting asked that". . .and I smiled at her and said that she may want to bring it up at her next staff meeting. . .and she looked at me as if I was a bit daft again .. .no matter. .

But the funnest item we found yesterday were these. . .I won't show the whole item since they are meant to be a surprise for the lil' farm hand .. .for helping Dampa in the shop . ..of course.
I feel a three generation picture coming into focus. .
Today .. we'll head a bit further down the coast .. for a drive. .
OH .. and no fooling. .I've been baking here in the little house. . run over to MGCC to have a look for yourself. .
All for now. . with love,


  1. Cute cute cute!!

    How fun is that? I can hardly wait.

    We looked into the seniors' discounts here and you have to be 55 - and only at Zellers. I like your 50 rule better.

    and now I'm popping over to MGCC to see what's cooking in the camper.

    Keep having fun!

  2. Yup, takes on a whole new perspective once those grandkiddies show least I have been having a ball as well. So fun to celebrate a birthday day, or birth year (jubilee). It must be a sign of more good times ahead. The sunset picture is fabulous.

  3. love those jammies! i am a firm believer in the fact that no matter how huggable and snuggly a little one is, cute jammies make that little one at least 25% more huggable and snuggly :)

  4. Oh the sunset is just gorgeous! Wowzers! I'm impressed someone has a discount for 50 and older. Everywhere I turn it's 62 or older and some have 55 and older. Love the purchases!

  5. Senior discounts..they are wonderful..I was waiting for you to post on that eventually..grin!
    Oh Lovella, that is so cute..the surprise for the Lil Farmhand and I love the name 'Dampa', that takes me back a few years!

  6. Too cute! I've bought the same sort of pj's with shorts combo for my little grandson.
    re being bundled on vacation.....Lovella, it's snowing here this morning, as heavily as it has ever April Fools joke from Mother Nature!

  7. At first I thought they were your jammies for the cold weather you're facing! Oh, I had to smile about the Sr. discount . . . and the cute way in which the clerk asked, "Are you shopping with anyone . . .? Not to imply that you could be 50! You beat me to a Sr. discount. I'll have to be on the lookout next time... Never hurts to ask, is what my H always says, while I standby totaly embarassed.

  8. I'm enjoying reading about your coastal adventures. So glad you are getting a bit of sunshine!

    Hooray for senior discounts...if only they all started at 50! Every place seems to have its own definition of "Senior" (50, 55, 65...) but take it where you can get it! Why not.

    Your purchases here are so cute. And when you see the little ones wearing them, you will remember your trip too.

  9. Loved this post it put a smile in me. Kathy

  10. well today is a wee bit slower for me....finally, though i would stop in see what you were up too!
    what fun you are having and i love those little pj's. i think they could were them anytime, who would know.
    i love the sunset...drink it all in my friend....fill your cup to carry you through the brief moments in life that can drain you at times. you sure do look great for a senior.....teehee!

  11. I'd like jammies like that in my size. They would be comfy cute at work too. (The college students wear pjs to school, why shouldn't I?)

  12. What fun you're having!

    I get an extra 10-15% at an outlet store nearby when I show my teacher ID!

  13. Hi Lovella!
    I popped by your blog to see if I could figure out what part of the Coast you are at...
    Anyway, I just wanted to comment on the "store that pumps out the perfume" - I absoulely cannot stand that smell that wafts through quite a big section of Bellis Fair - It most definetly doesn't draw me in!

    The PJ's are way too cute! :)

  14. Oh what fun following you around on your shopping spree! I did give that clerk a bit of a glare for thinking you were daft ! smile..
    I think 'senior' discounts are great! I never pass them up.
    I'm cuious what the surprise is for the little farm hand.. I know.. I know.. I'll just have to wait!!
    Enjoy your trip home.. there are little huggable bodies awaiting you!

  15. You are having fun shopping aren't you!

    Glad you are enjoying another new aspect of your jubilee Lovella. Your so cute.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  16. Your trip all sound so fun. What a great find those jammies. I don'g have an oven in our tent trailer - but I tell you I've thought of bringing a little toaster oven along. Low fat blueberry scones while camping - ummmm....yup, I'm going to have to do that.


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