spring pruning

If you have not seen this sight in your home yet. . .
it is because you have not had a vortex of milk/butter/eggs/lemon and orange in your blender.
I made another batch yesterday because my freezer seems to have a revolving door on it. .. and the grandgirlie loves to watch baking. . .
and I'm happy to say. . .that just as I baked paska with little ones running around my ankles the first time around. . .
voila. . .I did it again.
Have you made yours yet? I checked my site meter yesterday. . and nearly fell off my chair with the visits that were referred for Paska. . .
It's all good. . .there is still time. . .
Anyways. . . about the pruning .. .

I found this picture above of our white pine taken several years ago. . .

before. .

the Mom and Daddy crow took it over.

At first it seemed quite interesting to watch them carry branches in their beak to build a nest. .

but then. . .

they taught their youngsters that it was unseemly to soil in the bed .. .

and the trunk of the tree took on a white washed facade .. .

and one lower branch after another succumbed to .. .

white wash. . . death.

This last winter. .

as you can see by the pile of needle-less branches . . .

it was on the short list for Christmas trees. . .

and we should have. . .

topped it. .

but we thought we would give it one more spring. .

to perk up. .

it gave notice. . that it wouldn't. .

and we gave notice. . .that we would. . .

Yesterday the white pine came down. .

So what you say?

It had to be documented you see. . .if I had been blogging the year it was planted. . .

it's life span would have been recorded.

All for now. . . with love,


  1. Hi Lovella, is it a drink, that you have shown in your first pix? I'd be really glad to know..
    Love Christine

  2. Hahahaha...sometimes I chuckle at comments. Christine is in for a treat when she finds out!

    No, I've not yet made my Paska, but I am aiming for tomorrow or Saturday. My recipe says "Make this next year" so I take that as a command.

    Sorry that the white pine gave up the ghost. What will go in its place?

  3. Well, my family will be in for a new treat, as I intend to try your Paska on Saturday.
    Too bad about the White Pine - but now you can plan on something else for that space - a good excuse for visiting the nursery.

  4. Chritine.. Paska is Easter Bread . .you can find it on my sidebar or over at mennonite girls can cook blog. .also on my sidebar.

  5. Paska dough is rising..oh how I love that citrusy scent! I think I'd bake it even if nobody ate it just for that scent wafting throughout the house..but that's no problem here, I'm sharing and so the loaves will disappear quickly!
    Sorry about the pine, they take so long to grow. Are you going to plant another?

  6. Lana and I are making our Kulich/paska tomorrow. It will be our first time making it alone without the mother hen looking over our shoulders :0)
    My son has been chopping down trees at our place so it will be interesting to see the after when we get home. Blessings on your day Lovella!!

  7. Mmmmm! I can just smell the bread baking right now...'must make some soon! :oD

  8. I had no idea that could happen to trees. Jeepers. If crows start hanging around the pine in our front yard I will be out there shooing or shooting right away.

  9. I think you have started a 'paska revival', Lovella! My grands want to make sure I don't bake paska without their knowledge...they want to come help with the frosting and sprinkles!

    Sorry about the tree...may you find the perfect replacement.

  10. Have made 4 batches already and want to thank you for the wonderful recipe. It's a real hit around our place.
    Yesterday I added dried apricots to one batch and WOW, it tastes great.

    My freezer has the same defect as yours. :-)

    Have a blessed Easter!

  11. Those egg yolks look nice and dark.
    I can taste the paska...
    That's on my to do list for tomorrow.
    We need to have it fresh...
    Whit Pine? We saved our lumber...
    It makes beautiful furniture someday when my man retires.

  12. Ohh .. I always cry when a tree comes down! but yes.. sometimes it needs to happen. sniff!

    But your Paska, yes that I approve of !! smile.. and have made it serveral times this season already and will one more time !!

  13. Miss Lovella: I wanted to thank you thoughtfullness of passing along Anneliese's Tomato Soup reciepe. I made it for our dinner tonight. We had some grilled cheese sandwiches to go along with it. It was fabulous!
    Thanks again... Mary from WV

  14. I'm a bit tardy with my visits, but my computer decided to resist all efforts to turn on yesterday morning. I'm not sure when - if ever - it will be up and running again. (Yes, Aiden's pictures are on there.)

    I won't be doing much computing or baking for the next several weeks, I'm afraid, because of the move and the incomplete kitchen.

    Have a blessed Easter weekend!

  15. Someday I will have to make Paska -- it is new to me. I did make Hot Cross Buns yesterday, so that might be my Easter baking for this year (apart from Easter lunch). I hope you both have a good weekend, celebrating our Lord.

  16. I just printed your recipe for Paska - I haven't had it for twenty-five years! And it's always nice to meet another BC blogger!


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