spring peek

Up here in Canada we take spring very seriously.
Every day that the sun shines and the thermometer hits 15 Celsius. .
we go searching for the promises of summertime.

Bulbs that I forgot to plant until a pleasant day in January . .
decided that in spring time. .
they'll bloom regardless of the rules.
We circle the fruit trees. . .
looking for buds ..

. . .and when we find them. .
we touch them as if for the first time ever.

We walk the rows of raspberries ..

and since he can't remember what a fresh raspberry tastes like. .

we talk about picking fresh raspberries and piling them on big bowls of ice cream. . .

and I am rewarded with smiles.

All for now. . with love,


  1. And look! Grammie is wearing her flip-flops so things are looking up for sure!

    This post is so cute. Look at all those blooming posies and that's a lot of green on the raspberry bushes.

    I found my rhubarb last night and am now wondering where I can get some chicken dressing... Probably too soon yet, but the time is very near.

  2. Short! Flip-flops! Gosh, I guess I better get serious about shopping for new swim suits and sundresses. I thought I had at least one more month till they'd be needed. Shoot, it snowed here last night...I'm still thinking I want more sweaters!

  3. Do we live in the same valley? My raspberry canes will need a little encouragement to catch up to yours. I did that the rhubarb is on it's way though.

    I love your 'signs of spring'...right down to the flip flops.

  4. It hasn't hit 15 on the Island yet - nearly there on Tuesday with a balmy 13. Yesterday I had to scrape the car windshield, so it might be a bit early, yet, to dig out my flipflops.

  5. How sweet! Lovella, I do believe he's nearly as tall as you! He has grown so much.

    Fresh berries sound so good right about now.

  6. What a lovely day we got to enjoy yesterday. Looks like you took full advantage of it! How sweet to discover a new season with your little guy!

  7. As we passed the berry fields on our way home yesterday, I noticed that some hardly showed any sigs of srping and others were well on the way. I wondered (out loud) about this . . . are they different types of raspberies, younger or older or is it the loving care they get? Yours look like they have been encouraged to grow. Beautiful post!

  8. Awwww... how sweet !!
    Yes ! I think spring is finally really here.. I watch the leaves unfurl a little more each day !
    A perfect season of the year!

  9. Aah, love the flowers and the flipflops!

  10. I definitely need a grand - think of the blogging potential :)

    Your spring is far ahead of us - but ours is sure to come . . . right??


  11. Spring is coming Lovella and I think we're all bursting at the seams...

    I try to wear capris, but then I put my socks back on and it looks silly.
    Keep looking for the sun!

  12. I needed a smile....I just got one. Kathy

  13. My mom always said that being a mother gave her the chance to re-live her childhood. I think being a Grandma must be the chance to re-live motherhood -- especially the best parts. guess i have something to look forward to after this phase. :)

  14. What a creatively done post. Once again it has been a joy to visit your blog. Isn't it a real privilege to introduce Springtime to our grandchildren, and to see how they view everything through eager eyes? Spring is an encouraging time of the year.

  15. You are so cute...so young at heart and spirit!

    Keep looking baby...always keep your eyes open wide.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted


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