sea salt is good for you

I've learned a thing or two on this holiday. . .for one thing. . the ocean is all about salt .. for making sea salt chips and taffy .. and I've done my homework on both counts. .

Far be it from me to eat un-naturally flavoured food. . .so as I sit here documenting our holiday . .I continue to investigate and share my findings with my beloved . .by asking .. "want more chips?". . .

I've also learned that too many chips and stormy weather while feeling fabulous initially. . create a niggling in the back of ones mind that the treadmill and I will be reacquainted upon the end of holiday.

Yesterday we had the kind of weather . ..that was perfect for reading a book .. .or two. .

We did venture out a bit to see the road and scenery south of us . ..

It would have been amazing if we could have seen something.

Sheets of wind and rain kept us inside . . .

It's been a wonderful time. . .watching the surf . .and eating .. and watching the surf ..

Today .. we are heading north again . . . and next week, I'll be posting from the bungalow .. .as per usual. .

All for now. . .with love,


  1. Today's pictures look like the Oregon coast looks on many of the days. I still cannot believe you are situated right on the beach. I think that must be so much fun, especially with a bag of potato chips. Have fun!

  2. Happy trails to you! You know that after afew bites of salty sweet tastes so good ...and then you just crave that salt again. Keep munching the holiday is not over till you are ihn the driveway. Then...order pizza. Love the scenery pictures. Kathy

  3. You have perfectly captured a rainy day and have made it look misty and wonderful with hidden delights. All I can capture is mud. LOL!

    Going home will be delightful, too. I imagine that you're itching to get back into a fully stocked kitchen.

    And, besides that, it's nice to know that you can pick up and take off when the mood strikes again.

  4. Perfect - all the ingredients for 100% relaxation. I find that rainy days can be the most relaxing because one is freed from the impulse to 'get something' out of the day or to do something worthwhile or to see something important. Just reading and munching - perfect.

  5. Love the road into the clouds picture. Sort of embodies the feeling we have about our lives sometimes. We don't often get a good view of our future, but we continue to trust in Jesus to be our guide, and we keep motoring on wards.

  6. Thnaks for sharing the mood of the coast with us in a more beautiful way than I would. I'd probably complain . . .
    Did you know that sea salt is also good for acne? Not that we worry about that any more, but it's just good to know these things when you're a Grammie. Apparently there is a method of washing with very hot boiled sea salt and finishing it off with very cold water, that completely clears the skin. If only it worked for wrinkles too.
    Have a safe trip home.

  7. Yep I got the phone call from daughter yesterday saying it's snowing here again and I'm not April fooling you!! Glad you've got the chips and the books!! :0)

  8. hmmmm... rain ? you'll have to revisit my blog this morning to see what you are missing !! smile...

    Have a safe trip home!

  9. A cozy camper, chips and a good book? Lovely!

    Safe travelling!

  10. I have to say it looks like a cozy wonderful experience to be camping in your mini-house, enjoying the ocean and munching away! Beats the snow we had here today, going to work and driving for blocks looking for parking...enjoy the rest of the "rest"...and a few more adventures.

  11. Oh I am so glad that you have a 'seat by the beach'. Yep...chips for when it rains....and I wonder if the niggling feeling is going to last as long as the rain does....not to worry...then you will be out and combing the beach and you won't need to worry. What great shots there...thanks for taking us on the trip. Gosh...what a nice long holiday for you there. I am glad...soon it will be full into spring and no more breaks for the farmer and his wife!

  12. I've browsed through your last weeks and noticed your weather was not cooperative, next time you'll just have to head more south.
    I learned about Sea Salt a year ago and that's all that I use now....
    Always something new to learn.
    Sounds like you really enjoyed your new home, compared to Manning Park.
    I smiled many times as you wrote, thinking how far our camping has come.
    Enjoy the sun.

  13. Those Kettle chips are addicting! The problem with eating something salty, is then you want something sweet. Which leads to something salty...and on and on!

  14. A book or two...

    Oh, the bliss. Enjoy your crisps!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted


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