the hummers

Last week I cleaned and refilled the hummingbird feeder.

Since then. . .there is a steady flow of traffic .. .

a man and a lady hummer. .

and plenty of humming.

There is even some occasional sitting. . .

I took these photos from the kitchen window ..

very stealthily. . .apparently I'm very scary. .

the season is young. .

there is time. .

perhaps we'll become friends ..

and maybe. ..just maybe. .

they'll sit still long enough to have their photo taken sans. . .blur.

'tis . . .a grammie day. .

All for now. . .with love,


  1. Now that is a sign of spring! You have given me a good reminder to also put a feeder out. Dairymary

  2. Wow...some good shots there Lovella. My girlfriend has had a hummer since January. She had to keep thawing her nectar! Beautiful sign of spring....too bad her first visit did not bring spring early.! Have a great day!

  3. I hadn't thought the hummers would be around already -- I wonder if they are down here??? Last year my mom took care of a hurt hummer and it was adorable to see and hold one up close!

  4. Terribly impressed I am with your ability to capture the wee hummingbirds. It's quite a feat. I have yet to achieve it.

  5. Oh you got some fabulous photos of these sweet little birds! I love watching them. The sun is shining here today so I'm guessing it's shining at your place too!!

  6. Oh...oh. Why am I always running behind? I was planning to hang up my feeder...but somehow never expected the hummers just yet. Good pic's!

  7. We noticed our first hummingbirds on Palm Sunday and then scrambled to fill the feeders. I could watch the wee creatures for hours.

  8. We don't have any hummers here yet but they can't be far away!!

  9. Our kids left this morning and I actually have good connection right now, so I'm enjoying this little trip to look out of your kitchen window. Beautiful!

  10. you've just reminded me to buy a hummingbird feeder. Our other feeders are a great success - so hopefully we'll be able to attract some of these.

    great pictures - hummingbirds are hard to capture - especially sitting still.

  11. When I read your title Hummer, I thought you were referring to your little one playing with a toy Hummer.
    Do you believe that I have never had a hummer?
    Maybe I'm not such a farm gal after all.

  12. Still waiting to spot a hummingbird..hopefully soon. Last year they were very busy at my hanging petunias, even more so than at the feeder.

  13. Oh ! I love hummingbirds.. I have two feeders outside my kitchen windows and the hummers entertain me in exchange for a little sugar water !! smile
    You got some nice shots of yours !!!

  14. Beautiful and fast little things they are. I am so impressed you got wonderful pictures like you did.
    I am never fast enough. It is still too cold to put ours out. I am looking forward to their return though.

  15. What beautiful photos. I can't believe you are that far ahead of us...our daffodils aren't even blooming.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted


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