going to school

I try terribly hard not to go on and on about my kids. .

I do not try to avoid going on and on about my grands. . .

but my kids. . .well. . . that is another story ..

for the most part .. .I give them some privacy and . . .

I try to remember this is my blog.

Generally speaking only the people currently living in the bungalow . .

are subject to my blog rules . .

which. . simply vary from day to day.

Quite frankly . .between you and me. . .I think that they are quite fortunate that I wasn't blogging during their early years. . .

Yesterday. . .I got a call from our eldest. . .

I said. . ."well?"

He said. . ."I passed"

I said. . ." I prayed terribly hard. . and I'd like a bit of recognition for that"

He said "okay" (clearly feeling the elation of the end of school)

So. ..tell me the truth .. .

if you were on a trail deep in the woods and you broke your leg to smithereens. . .

and coming from the opposite direction was my eldest (daddy to the lil' farm hand). . .

would you not feel quite delighted to find that this son of mine had just passed his third level industrial first aid . . and could now. .

splint you ... pack you out of there. . .and deliver you to the doctor. . .like a pro?

I thought so. . .

All for now. . with love,


  1. How wonderful! Congratulations to the lil' farm hand's daddy! I think this news deserves to be blogged about and shared with all of us!

    (It's your blog...you are entitled to write about anything you want. Many of us feel that you're a wonderful neighbor/friend/sister and news like this is worthy of sharing over the backyard fence.)

  2. I would feel safe knowing he was there to help me!

    Congratulations to him and you!

    He is a very handsome young man and you should be proud of his accomplishments! Yeah!

  3. Nothing like a proud mama! Yes, I would be very, very glad, but 'tis highly unlikely that one would ever find me on a trail deep in the woods. Hearty congrats to your son!

  4. Quite honestly, I just sat here smiling as I read this post. Smiling... because I am a mother that understands your thought process. Smiling...because of the way you presented your handsome son's accomplishments, and smiling...because I can just hear my girl's words after I publish some of my posts about them. You see, my blogging rules change sometimes too. Great post! Congratulations to your son for his huge accomplishment.

  5. Congratulations to the daddy of lil' farm hand. If I was stuck on a trail I'd really be happy to see that strong nice looking guy coming toward me to help...

  6. It is a good thing he is a married man, otherwise single damsels would be feigning broken legs and all matters of emergency first aid needs.

    Congrats to him and congrats to you for raising a life time learner!

  7. Over here on the Island, the paramedics are having a 'job action'. I find myself waving and tooting my horn when I pass them, because I wish them well. They are front line workers - the ones that we're so glad to see when we're hurt, in an accident, or ill. So, congratulations to your son and his proud mama!

  8. It's fun to celebrate the milestones with our kids. That's why they keep coming back Lovella.
    That would make my day!

  9. Congrats to him! And I know JUST how you feel! It's ok to celebrate here!

  10. You deserve and should be proud! (And you don't go on and on about your kids at all . ..)
    Congratualtions to all who were involved in this milestone! I know studying involves/affects the whole family in some way.

  11. Congratulations to your son and of course to the proud mama who was there all along for him!

  12. That's awesome! Congratulations to him! (After reading this post, I'm sure that you don't want a picture of our class in Grade 5 in a tree...) ;-)

  13. Congrats! An accomplishment worth celebrating! It is so important for us to support our kids and show them how proud we are of them. They will do the same with their own kids....and that is good. Kathy

  14. Awww... Lovella.. no mother's heart ever tires of delighting in the achievements of her children.. regular or grands... smile.
    And praise is due to those who do well !! What better place than your blog ? smile

    Giggle.. my word verification is 'exessing' ... I DON'T think that is what you are doing !!

  15. Now that is a milestone worth celebrating...whatever the blog rules of the day! Congrats to your son...and may he enjoy his new role of 'helping people out of the woods'. Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

  16. Congratulations to your handsome son!

    and to his mom of course!

  17. Congrats! I KNOW how proud you must be!
    When my daughter was 16 (9 yrs. ago--just before 9/11) she came home and told us she was joining our local rescue squad. She felt called to help ... She gave up every Fri.night to "run with the squad" as they say...
    She passed all the training, drove the ambulance and became crew chief. It never ceased to amaze me that the girl who would moaned helping me move a coffee table would drive an ambulance and help lift injured people... It must be the adrenaline! GOD BLESS THEM!

  18. ...and he is adorable too...ooops...sorry...I am a married woman...haha


    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  19. Good on him for doing his best in all he does! What a great guy! He'll make his son proud (never mind his wife, mom, ...!) Congratulations to all of you!

  20. Congratulations to the son! It really is something to celebrate, and I must say that I am personally thrilled to have good help in healthcare, regardless of whether it is in the woods or on the plains/planes or anywhere else. This is a tough program ... you are rightly proud. So cool...

  21. Congratulations all around - to your son and his family and you and yours! It takes sacrifice from wife, children, family to finally get through a course or a degree!! Your son sounds as talkative as mine, lol. Love your photos!

  22. That's so great! And you do a good job of not overstepping boundaries with your blog -- but we do enjoy hearing bits and pieces when appropriate!!! (And this certainly is!)


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