down from the closet

The closets in the bungalow are forever being scrutinized for organizational space.

The conversation went something like this after Easter brunch ..

Me. ."hey you guys .. do you want to keep that steering wheel for that video game you used to play .. (used to as in before they were married and then some). . . or can I get rid of that".

They said .. ."hey mom . . .that's good stuff. . you can't huck that. . let the kids use it."

So I hauled it out. . .and driving lessons were the rainy Easter day activity.

Lil' farm hand and Grandgirlie taking turns. . . driving Dampa all over the place.

Toys from the closet. . . with the depreciation figured in. . .free ..

Free entertainment . . . .priceless.

All for now. ..with love,


  1. Ha do make me smile, Lovella!

    I'm cleaning out closets over here, too, because of this move, and I'm seriously scrutinizing everything in them. Because we're moving into a much smaller house than we've ever had before, I'm having to be pretty ruthless in making decisions about what stays and what doesn't. Thank goodness for Freecycle.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. wish I had one for my little munchkin

  3. Oh...what fun! Yesterday's weather called for some serious improvised plans...and you came up with a wonderful activity. We hid eggs in all the closets...and found all kinds of things I never knew I had as well.

    Happy Monday.

  4. Oh they'd love that, wouldn't they!

    The storm came as rain here - yay!

  5. awww.. how cute !!
    Isn't it neat how little kids find the best play value in things that are free ??

  6. The picture says it all - the concentration!

  7. What to keep and what not to keep! That seems the on-going decision in our home and just when you thought, It's all clean again..Someone asks, Where is this dress that I used to wear?
    Now we hang onto things for those little grandkids because they have stories.

  8. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one storing stuff, I mean treasures! Somehow it feels "safe" at Mom's.

  9. Oh...too cute. Funny...I did the same thing when 'attempting' to get rid of a few older toys. Our grandson was ever so thrilled to receive a "pack-pack" this Easter that once belonged to his favorite uncle.

  10. well that is a good idea, letting the grands play with some of that stuff, why buy something new when the old becomes new, right?
    have fun with cousins camp tomorrow.


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