daddy's bulldozer

Grandpa with his grandsons.. .building a highway down by the river .. .
later in the day the boys said. . "we are too big to go play that". . . and yet. . boys will be boys.

Sixteen months tomorrow. .

While the rest of the world looks over their shoulder at possible "satellites" that could possibly be a threat . .

. .. and concern over the ice that continues to melt. . where it should not. .

...the lil' farm hand does his job. . .of learning and playing.

In some ways. .much has changed since the bulldozer was last pulled out.

It is impossible for us not to feel concern for our wee ones futures. . .

and yet at the end of the day ... there is one thing that remains a constant. . .

just as his Daddy had a Grampa that loved and prayed for him. .

the lil' farm hand has a "Dampa" that does . .

just the same.

It's cousin camp today. . . .and tomorrow .. and the sun is shining. .

All for now. . .with love,


  1. You could write a book. You have such a good way of expressing your thoughts and heart, and I really enjoy reading them. I just love this post!! To me it says the exact sentiments of my heart. What a little sweetheart he is. Welcome home to you. I appreciated the privilege of visiting the Oregon Coast again...through you and your visit.

  2. Awww...such a sweet post. Nice to have you back Lovella. And I agree with the first should write a book. Perhaps why people so love to come to your blog is because your wisdom is so easily expressed through a common thread we all, family and home.

  3. I so agree, Lovella... my heart often constricts with concern for my grandgirls future...and I am moved to pray.
    I remember Grampa looking down on my youngest brother when he was born and with concern in his voice said.."I wonder what he will all have to go through in his lifetime"
    I wondered at his words at the time but now I understand...

    Have a wonderful camp day !!! smile

  4. What a cute little guy! Thank you for say it so well.

  5. I can hear my mother's voice saying 'You have to have faith' - and a previous commmenter, Julie, is's always been this way - one generation knowing enough to worry about the next. With you and your husband to guide and pray for the little fellow and his parents , they are all off to a good start.

  6. ...and just look at him go!

    Gosh, didn't I just identify with what you said. It's impossible not to be somewhat concerned. I think we certainly need to be aware. Praise God for mommies and daddies who pray and for praying grandparents, too.

  7. Did I say "somewhat concerned"? Sometimes I am too euphemistic. I'm terribly concerned.

  8. Very sweet. We have a God who holds everything in his hands and loves us. Whatever comes our way He will bring us through. What a blessing to have a Dampa who prays!!

  9. Little Aiden's Poppy and Grammie were expressing the same concerns for his future on the day his Mommy and Daddy brought him home from the hospital. We pray that no matter what happens, God will reign supreme and keep us all close to Him. We pray that little Aiden and all the wee ones will have a safe and secure future free from these fears. I wish we could cuddle them and keep them close forever.

    I agree with Judy - your photography and your way with words are remarkable. You could write a book. Your grand-ones would love to have something like that from their Grammie. Enjoy your day!

  10. How precious that childhood can be without worries and cares...but about playing and learning...and basking in the love of Dampa and Grammie! Great post.

    May you have a wonderful cousin camp today.

  11. You have expressed my own thoughts and prayers for Our New Boy exactly. I wonder if the grandmas of WWII had the same concerns.

  12. That lil farmhand is just the cutest..I love the pics!
    Cousin camp sounds busy but fun!

  13. I understand your concerns, especially when I think about what kids are exposed to today. I had just finshed thinking about what my Omi said when I was born when someone else said something about the grandmas of WWII. It was all still very fresh in her memory and she was so concerned when I was born. It's so good to know that God is still God and that we can commit our little ones to His care. He doesn't change. He hears our prayers.

  14. I recognize those cute jeans from a previous post! It must be so special to watch grandkids grow up and I'm enjoying a tiny bit of that feeling right along with you, thanks to your sharing.

    Yes, praying grandparents and lots of love are still some of the most important things despite the scary times.

  15. Awww . . . that little guy is so huggable.

    I know I should have some Tonka vehicles around here somewhere but they seem to have disappeared.

    Well - your little guy and girl are surrounded by lots of love and deep faith. Jesus Christ - the same - yesterday, today and forever. Solid hope for us all.

  16. And those Tonka toys keep coming back.
    And what a joy to play with those little tots.
    What else can we say?
    The future sure frightens me, but we now who our Rock is.
    I love coming home to them.

  17. So, so sweet! I just love that little boys gravitate to such things. He's delicious!

  18. My brother played with his Tonka trucks long after he "should" have. It's nice when you're a parent and grandparent and it becomes legit again to play!

    I know this concern for the next generation and then I think - what has changed? The God who holds me in His hands, who holds my kids, holds my grandkids too. This is the Father the 'dampas' pray to.

  19. Such adorable pictures!!!! Boy toys are so fun. I always wanted a whole collection of little cars when I was little, and now I have them!


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